Best Fetty Wap Songs


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1 679

Way better than anything Fetty Wap has ever made. Such a banging beat

If it wasn't for this, my vote probably would have went to Trap love. - WonkeyDude98

All the fetty wap songs are good

Best song ever

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2 Trap Queen

Hip Hop song of the year 2015! - Ark-M

Easily his best song for sure. Bouncy, catchy, fun, brilliant, pumped up...what else could you ask for? 6/5 - AlphaQ

That's ma number 1 smash hit

Hell ya

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3 Again

This is by far the best Fetty Wap song of all time!

I listen to this song again again and again

The ending chorus is the best part

Best song but fetty wap

4 My Way

I think this and Trap Queen are his best songs

Makes me wanna dance

Baby won't you come my the #2 spot. 5/5 - AlphaQ

5 RGF Island

He sounds like better post malone in this. No hard rap but consistant singing(? ) in this. Honestly a great song.

6 That Work
7 Lit
8 Roll Up
9 Jugg

I liek this one because its easy to memorize

10 Merry Xmas

The Contenders

11 Bang My Head

Best collabo possible with the legendary duo David Guetta & Sia. awesome beats. - Ark-M

12 Ice Cream
13 Jimmy Choo
14 Around the World
15 Body On Me

Just wow this song is. - Ark-M

16 Trap Luv
17 Promise
18 How We Do Things
19 Wake Up

I have to admit, this was pretty weak, especially by Fetty Wap standards. Not bad, but he's done better. - WonkeyDude98

20 Gotta Have You
21 Addicted

I am sure it will be in the top 3! Damn sure

22 Rewind
23 D.A.M
24 Time
25 Jug With Me
26 Promises

Um... admin
wrong cover
this is the baauer song found on his soundcloud

27 All in My Head (Flex)
28 Cake Team
29 For My Team

Easily the most underrated Fetty Wap songs and one of the best.

good vibe

30 I Wonder
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