WonkeyDude98 Analysis: Fetty Wap

Here it is, as promised, I do something no other critic would dare to do: stand up for a party rapper. Yep, that's right: I love Fetty Wap. To be honest, ignoring the inhumanly good Alessia Cara, Fetty Wap is my favorite new artist of the entirety of 2015. And today I'm going to explain why.

Now, I get why everyone hates Fetty Wap. His voice is, objectively, an absolute wreck with no coherence or even some anunciation. It's basically the reason that Again is everyone's favorite Fetty Wap song, though I personally think it's his weakest. His lyrics are not the deepest or most original, particularly in songs like, say, Trap Queen. His name is slang for Cash Money. But honestly, I think I can forgive pretty much any mistake he makes.

Let's start off with what everyone hates about him: his voice. I'm probably not the first person to point out that Fetty Wap has a very similar voice to Young Thug. Underanunciating to the point of overanunciating, slurring, shrill, and difficult to understand. However, beyond the fact that Fetty Wap's voice isn't as annoyingly high-pitched as Young Thug's, Fetty Wap is infinitely better. He's much more self-aware in that he knows that he isn't some deep intellectual rapper, and yet is very controlled, and combined with his charisma and bouncy flow, it makes for a rejuvenating listen for any of his songs. Also, the random noises he makes are absolutely hilarious ("SQUAAAAAAA").

If there was any year that needed a Fetty Wap, it was 2015. The same year brought us Earned It, The Hills, See You Again, Thinking Out Loud, Hello, Marvin Gaye, Locked Away, Fight Song, The Hanging Tree (technically), Hit the Quan, Cool for the Summer, Take Me To Church (technically), Blank Space (technically), I'm Not The Only One, Photograph, Jealous, and Somebody. Not all those are bad songs, in fact a handful are pretty great, but that's not my point. The point is, there were a ton of slow-to-mid-tempo songs that invaded the charts, all dull, dark, and not fun whatsoever. Fetty Wap was needed to break up the monotony. His music is fast, bouncy, simple, and infectious. He has a knack for making melodies that are simple and catchy, which is something 2015 needed. Even if his music isn't the best produced, it's light pop music and knows it is. Even then, you have to commend 679 for pulling off tone blending in its beat on the chorus.

If there's one thing that I like about Fetty Wap, it's probably how endearing he is. I don't think any song this decade has talked about how a genuinely happy relationship that's really going well. Trap Queen is a prime example of this. It puts this in the context of "gangstas need love too". While the line about "I be in the kitchen cookin' pies wit' my babay" would have been better if it was literal and not about cocaine, it's at least still about two people who really love each other. 679 is yet another example, and shows that Fetty Wap can find a balance between sleazy club lyrics ("Girl yo so dang fine though") and affectionate love lyrics ("no one can control us") to paint a surprising masterpiece.

Never have I seen an artist who uses the same formula for each song and yet gives each song whole new things to like about it. For example, Again is basically an entire recycle of Trap Queen, and yet gives it this whole unique story, which makes a lot of his music easy to recognize and yet so easy to like every single one. Another thing unique about Fetty is that his songs react oppositely to overplay compared to other songs like Blank Space or Hello. While those songs wear out fast, Fetty Wap's songs like Trap Queen (which I despised at first) actually get better the more you hear them. It's miraculous.

If what you are looking for is some deep Kendrick Lamar-level of thought, you will be disappointed by Fetty Wap. If you are looking for light, affectionate, bouncy pop music, Fetty Wap will bring you much more than you need. Now that I've talked about what makes him so great, I might as well rank his songs. 679=Trap Luv>Trap Queen=RGF Island>My Way>Again>Jimmy Choo. I give him a very strong 4.5/5, and high recommendation.


The first time I heard of Fetty Wap was when Pen Reviews' put Trap Queen at #9 on his Top Ten Worst Songs of 2015 - bobbythebrony

Hey, at least he put Up Like Trump by Rae Sremmurd in the bottom 5. As for Trap Queen, I could see why people hate it, but I want you to hear me out. - WonkeyDude98

I'm hearing you. I don't hate Fetty. I barely know anything about him. I also don't hear how he sounds like Young Thug. Young Thug sounds like Lil Wayne and Rich Homie Quan had a baby and Fetty sounds normal in Trap Queen - bobbythebrony

Their voices are this weirdly slurring mess that have issues anunciating, except Young Thug thinks it's the coolest thing since sliced bread and Fetty just knows his strength. - WonkeyDude98

Apparently it's called gargle rap I hear - bobbythebrony

I find again better than my way also whats trap love - ProPanda

I feel like Again is hanging too much off of Trap Queen for me to really get into it. Trap love is a song from Fetty Wap's self-titled album, and it's possibly the best song on it along with 679. - WonkeyDude98

I cannot stand his voice and no explanation can change that. I get what you are saying and it makes sense, but his voice literally causes me physical pain and I can't alter that with reason. - visitor

Understandable. - WonkeyDude98

No duh, some people hate every rap song - FerrariDude64

Like Pos. I don't understand what makes rap music terrible. - AlphaQ

Cool! I'm not the only one who likes Fetty Wap. What do you think about Kanye West? - AlphaQ

Well I think. Trap Queen > 679 > Trap love > My Way > RGF Island > Jimmy Choo > Again. - AlphaQ