Top 10 Fictional Character Death/Defeat Sequences


The Top Ten

1 Black Shadow (Got Falcon-Punched In The Face So Hard That It Created A Supernova And Blew Up The Entire Planet) - F-Zero
2 Crocomire (Fell Into Acid And Got All Of His Skin Melted Off, Then Attempted To Continue Attacking Samus As A Skeleton) - Super Metroid
3 Frog (Sadistically Tortured To Death By Ren) - Ren Seeks Help
4 Ursula (Impaled Through The Chest With A Boat) - The Little Mermaid
5 Zanza (Cleaved In Half With His Own Sword) - Xenoblade Chronicles
6 Sephiroth (Got Omnislashed So Hard That His Entire Body Disintegrated) - Final Fantasy VII
7 Giygas (Defeated By The Power Of Prayer) - Earthbound
8 The Great Mighty Poo (Flushed Down The Toilet) - Conker's Bad Fur Day The Great Mighty Poo is a fictional character appearing in the 2001 video game Conker's Bad Fur Day. He is a giant, opera-singing pile of feces that appears as a boss in the sloprano chapter.
9 Gaston (Fell Off Of The Roof Of The Beast's Castle) - Beauty And The Beast
10 Claus (Reflected His Own PK Thunder Back At Himself) - Mother 3

The Contenders

11 Han Solo (Killed By His Own Son) - Star Wars
12 Bowser (Fell Into Lava And Got All Of His Skin Melted Off) - New Super Mario Bros.
13 Kefka (Got REALLY Carried Away With His Pre-Death Speech) - Dissidia Final Fantasy
14 Aerith (Literally Backstabbed By Sephiroth) - Final Fantasy VII
15 Sans (Killed In One Hit) - Undertale
16 Face McShooty (Got Shot In The Face) - Borderlands 2
17 Scar (Fell Into The Abyss And Was Eaten Alive By His Own Hyena Minions) - The Lion King
18 Undyne (Literally Melted Into A Puddle From How Hard She Was Trying To Kill You) - Undertale
19 Flint (Tanked Several Rounds Of PK Love Omega Just To Protect His Son) - Mother 3
20 Dickson (A Teacher Finally Surpassed By His Own Students) - Xenoblade Chronicles
21 Papyrus (Still Believed In You Even After You Chopped His Head Off) - Undertale
22 Emperor Palpatine (Got Pushed Into The Death Star's Reactor Core By Darth Vader) - Star Wars
23 Obi Wan Kenobi (Is Now More Powerful Than You Could Possibly Imagine) - Star Wars
24 Frollo (Was Literally Cast Into The Fiery Pit Of Hell) - The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
25 Cackletta (Both In Body, And In Spirit) - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
26 Dr. Andonuts (Both In Body, And In Mind) - Radiation's Halloween Hack
27 Tsundere Plane (Literally Crashed And Exploded) - Undertale
28 The Horned King (Had His Entire Soul Sucked Out Into The Cauldron) - The Black Cauldron
29 Crono (Got His Entire Soul Sucked Out By Lavos) - Chrono Trigger
30 Egil (Went Down With The Mechonis) - Xenoblade Chronicles
31 The Bionis (Cleaved In Half By The Mechonis) - Xenoblade Chronicles
32 Toroko (Force-Fed Red Flowers And Then Gunned Down By Her Own Best Friend) - Cave Story
33 Ballos (His Head Was Blown Into Bloody Smithereens) - Cave Story
34 Syndrome (Got His Cape Stuck In A Jet Turbine) - The Incredibles
35 Ganondorf (Stabbed Directly Through The Forehead By Link) - Zelda: The Wind Waker
36 Ganondorf (Stabbed Right Through The Heart By Link) - Zelda: Twilight Princess
37 Shao Kahn (Was Petrified, Then Exploded Into Pieces) - Mortal Kombat
38 Mario (Got Sucked Into A Black Hole) - Super Mario Galaxy
39 Gollum (Went Down With The Ring) - Lord Of The Rings
40 Trish (Should Have Had Dante Fill Her Dark Soul With Light) - Devil May Cry
41 Ganondorf (Sealed Into A Magical Children's Storybook) - Link: The Faces Of Evil
42 Handsome Jack (Couldn't Save Pandora) - Borderlands 2
43 Roland (Shot In The Back By Jack) - Borderlands 2
44 The Riddler (Had The Cops Called On Him) - Batman: Arkham Asylum
45 Gary Smith (Got His Arse Kicked) - Bully
46 Mysterio (Got His Fishbowl Helmet Punched Right Off) - Spider-Man 2
47 Saddler (Was Shot In The Eye With A Rocket Launcher) - Resident Evil 4
48 Dr. Nefarious (Danced Around Like A Lunatic) - Ratchet & Clank
49 Bambi's Mother (Was Shot By Hunters) - Bambi
50 Tiki Tong (Literally Got The Moon Thrown On Top Of Him) - Donkey Kong Country Returns
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