Top 10 Fictional Characters and People You Should Never Confuse with Each Other


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21 Shadow the Hedgehog and Karel from Fire Emblem
22 Blaze the Cat and Felix the Cat

Just because they're cats doesn't mean you have to compare them to each other, or worse, ship them. We all know Blaze is more similar to Big, anyway.

23 Fox McCloud from Star Fox and Nick Wilde from Zootopia

This comparison bugs me so much. It makes the fans want to ship Fox McCloud with Cream the Rabbit from Sonic instead of with Krystal which is a bad idea for a crossover pairing like I said before many times, and I don't care how much the characters remind you of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia, or much worse, Simba and Nala from The Lion King. Just... DON'T.

24 Krystal from Star Fox Command and Shenzi from The Lion King
25 Fluttershy from My Little Pony and Florina from Fire Emblem
26 Isabelle from Animal Crossing and Bellwether from Zootopia
27 Aleu from Balto II and Kiara from The Lion King II

Just because they're the daughters of the main characters doesn't mean they have to be compared.

28 Lucina from Fire Emblem and Kiara from The Lion King II
29 Tails from the Sonic series and Gabby from Gulliver's Travels

Seriously, Tails is not annoying like Gabby is and is a good addition to the Sonic franchise.

Seriously, TAILS IS NOT ANNOYING LIKE HE IS. Instead, Tails is a lovable sidekick.

30 Zazu from The Lion King and Falco Lombardi from Star Fox

Lion King crossovers suck. That's all I have to say.

31 Simba from The Lion King and Ike from Fire Emblem

A DeviantArt user under the name Soraheartsforme made a Death Battle between Simba and Ike which (in my opinion) is a bad idea for a crossover. Not cool, man. (Prays that Ike wins...)

32 Mario and Mickey Mouse
33 Sonic the Hedgehog and Mickey Mouse
34 Elh Melizee from Solatorobo and Zuri from The Lion Guard
35 Star from Balto and Ed from The Lion King
36 Batman from DC and Iron Man from Marvel
37 Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Pit from Kid Icarus
38 Ansem from Kingdom Hearts and Karel from Fire Emblem
39 Scar from The Lion King and Karel from Fire Emblem
40 Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony and Fuli from The Lion Guard

I hate Fuli so much. It seems that not every franchise is safe from awful crossovers with TLK, not even MLP I'm afraid.

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