Fictional Characters Who Might Love Luan Loud's Puns and Jokes


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1 Mabel Pines Mabel Pines Mabel Pines is one of the lead characters of the Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Kristen Schaal, and designed by the series creator, Alex Hirsch. She is inspired by Hirsch's own twin sister, Ariel Hirsch. She is a caring, boy-crazy 12 year old girl that moved to the more.

Amazing and positive - Carri796

True - PeeledBanana

2 Lewa Lewa

Why is this on the list?

3 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is a fictional character and the titular character and protagonist of the American animated television series of the same name.

Well, he thinks 25 is funnier than 24 - SpectralOwl

He'd laugh at any joke - PeeledBanana

He is a laughing Psychopath

4 Sans Sans Sans or Sans the Skeleton is a character in the 2015 RPG Undertale created by Toby Fox. He is a lazy, pun-loving skeleton who is a supporting protagonist in the "pacifist" and "neutral" routes of Undertale, and a heroic antagonist/final boss of the "genocide" route. He is known for his incredibly difficult more.

They do puns all the time!

Makes sense.
Papyrus would hate them. - TemmieHoi

5 Amethyst Amethyst
6 Lynn Loud Lynn Loud

Nope - PeeledBanana

7 Garnet - Steven Universe Garnet - Steven Universe
8 Carlos - The Magic School Bus

They both tell bad jokes

9 Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie is a major character in the 2010 show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, based on Surprise from My Little Pony G1, She represents the element of Laughter.

Pretty and positive - Carri796

10 Goofy Goofy Goofy is a funny-animal cartoon character created in 1932 at Walt Disney Productions. Goofy is a tall, anthropomorphic black dog with a Southern drawl, and typically wears a turtle neck and vest, with pants, shoes, white gloves, and a tall hat originally designed as a rumpled fedora . Goofy is a close more.

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11 Homsar - Homestar Runner
12 Star Butterfly Star Butterfly
13 Fozzie Bear - Muppets Fozzie Bear - Muppets Fozzie Bear is a Muppet character known for his lack of innate and effective comedy skills. Fozzie is an orange-brown bear who often wears a brown pork pie hat and a red and white polka dot necktie.

They're somewhat similar, so yeah. - TheFourthWorld

14 Buster Baxter - Arthur
15 Babs Bunny Babs Bunny
16 Patrick Patrick Patrick Star is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. He is voiced by actor Bill Fagerbakke, who also voices numerous other characters on the show . Created and designed by marine biologist and cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg, the series creator, Patrick more.
17 Beast Boy Beast Boy Beast Boy is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, usually as a member of the teams Teen Titans and Doom Patrol. Created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Bob Brown, he first appeared in The Doom Patrol #99.
18 Harley Quinn Harley Quinn Harley Quinn is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as a sidekick of the Joker.
19 Muscle Man Muscle Man Mitchell (Mitch) "Muscle Man" Sorrenstein is the sixth main character of Regular Show. He is one of the groundskeepers of the Park. He is a middle-aged, green, strong, and obese human, who is often seen with his best friend, Hi Five Ghost. Muscle Man made his first debut as a cameo character in the more.

MY MOM! - Garoto_Oceano

20 uolliaC

UolliaC would really enjoy Luan's puns because he is hilarious (especially at his attempt of escaping to McDonalds).

UolliaC is a character from GoAnimate who does cruel things like pooping on people and escaping to McDonald's. He would probably like her jokes and puns that are related to Poop or McDonalds.

21 King Kai King Kai
22 Joco - Shaman King
23 Annoying Orange

Amazing and annoying - Carri796

24 Beavis Beavis Beavis is a fictional character. He is one of the young teenaged protagonists on the MTV animated series Beavis and Butt-head.
25 Butthead Butthead Butt-Head is a fictional character from the MTV animated series Beavis and Butt-Head. He is voiced by the show's creator, Mike Judge.
26 Mr. Loud
27 High Five Ghost
28 NotSmirks
29 Baby Fozzie - Muppet Babies
30 Donkey - Shrek
31 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot is a video game franchise of platform video games. The series, originally exclusive to the Sony PlayStation, was created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin during their tenure at Naughty Dog for Sony Computer Entertainment.
32 Lisa Loud Lisa Loud

Lisa is very logical and smart so I would disagree with this - Carri796

33 Peppa Pig Peppa Pig
34 Vash the Stampede - Trigun Vash the Stampede - Trigun Vash the Stampede, also simply referred as Vash, is the main protagonist and the titular character of Trigun, an anime and manga series created by Yasuhiro Nightow.
35 Gilliam - Outlaw Star
36 K.I.T.T. - Knight Rider
37 Micheal Knight - Knight Rider
38 Dr. K - Power Rangers R.P.M.
39 Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy 7 Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy 7
40 Tunnel Rat - G.I. Joe Sigma 6
41 Jack Levin - F-Zero Gp Legend
42 Ziggy - Power Rangers R.P.M.
43 Gene Starwind (Outlaw Star) Gene Starwind (Outlaw Star)
44 Jim Hawking - Outlaw Star
45 Aisha Clan Clan - Outlaw Star
46 Skunk Skunk
47 Peter Griffin Peter Griffin Peter Griffin is the main protagonist and titular character of the American animated sitcom Family Guy.
48 Krusty The Clown Krusty The Clown
49 Bart Simpson Bart Simpson Bart is the oldest child in The Simpsons. He was created by Matt Greoning. His hobbies are pranking people including Lisa Simpson and Homer Simpson.
50 Porky Pig Porky Pig Porky Pig is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons.
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