Top Ten Fictional Couples That Love Each Other the Most

Just a little list I dedicate to my girlfriend Tina

The Top Ten

1 Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)

Lol, this seems to be at the top of every couple list, but for good reasons

Yes! They are the sweetest couple ever

They're really in love in boruto series

2 Rick and Ilsa

From the movie Casablanca - keyson

Wow! How did I miss this list? Thank you, Martin, you're a wonderful boyfriend and I love you!
You were right to crown this couple! - Britgirl

3 Tristan and Isolde
4 Pedro and Tita

From the brilliant novel "Like Water To Chocolate" by Laura Esquivel - keyson

Pedro the Spanish paedophile? - IronSabbathPriest

5 Romeo and Juliet
6 Jamal and Latika
7 Jack and Rose

From Titanic, the movie - keyson

8 Shrek and Fiona
9 Edward and Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist)
10 Robin and Lady Marian

The Contenders

11 Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy

What ever happened to Mary Jane Watson?

12 Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase

These guys have been best friends since they were 12. They have been through so much together and love each other so much.

Awesome. My OTP

13 Aragorn and Arwen
14 Star and Marco - Star vs the Forces of Evil
15 Carl and Ellie (Up)
16 Tony Stark and Pepper Potts
17 Ash and Serena (Pokemon)
18 Mario and Princess Peach (Super Mario games)
19 Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter
20 Kirito and Asuna
21 Diana and Steve Trevor
22 Heathcliff and Catherine

From excellent classic,Wuthering Heights. - Tia-Harribel

23 Han Solo and Princess Leia
24 Ron and Hermione

They really do love each other! If you go on Pottermore, they have an article about how Hermione had always liked Ron from the beginning! The reasoning is actually very logical! Plus, when he left, Hermione had been crying for weeks on end!

Rowling never said she regretted their pairing. It was taken out of context. She also approved TCC. In which they are totally in love with no fundamental incompatibility

Oh please, JKR only said she "regretted" this ship because she knew a sadly huge chunk of the Potter fandom are rabid Harmonians and wanted to curry favor with them. Also, among those rabid Harmonians is one Steve Kloves, the head script writer for all but the fifth movie, that's why Ron/Hermione was presented poorly in the films and Harry/Hermione was played up way more than it should have been.


25 Joker and Harley Quinn
26 Mike and Eleven
27 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

How Did No One Add This One - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

28 Jim and Pam (The Office)
29 Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle
30 Navarre and Isabeau

Ladyhawke Number 6 top ten favorite movies!

31 Peter Quill and Gamora
32 Aang and Katara
33 Harry and Ginny

MY GOD, I sure hope these two don't have ship.

34 Donkey and Dragon
35 Vincent and Catherine
36 The Unnamed Narrator and Annabel Lee
37 Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet
38 Stan and Wendy
39 Godzilla and Mothra
40 Shadow and Rouge
41 Fox McCloud and Krystal
42 Balto and Jenna
43 Yuno and Yuki - The Future Diary
44 Sakura and Syaoran - Cardcaptor Sakura
45 Spiderman and MJ
46 Blumiere and Timpani
47 Ash and Misty (Pokèmon)

They are the perfect Pokèmon couple!

48 Nozomi Toujou and Eli Ayase (Love Live! School Idol Project)
49 Alphys and Undyne (Undertale)
50 Lammy and Katy (Parappa the Rapper)
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