Best Fictional Dinosaurs

This list has to be as real as possible. No kaiju monsters and no robot, toy or technically non-dinosaurs here, so sorry guys, no Rex or Grimlock...

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Yoshi Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo. He is most known for his appearances in the Yoshi and Mario franchises.

Need to say anything much?
He's pretty much my childhood in video games :).

The king of all fictional dinosaurs.

Yoshi is Cute and Sweet.

Yoshi is a kickass dinosaur. He deserves to be number one!


Littlefoot is my favorite character.

Nobody can forget Littlefoot from The Land Before Time. I mean, he really cares for his friends and will do anything he can to survive with his pals and make it home.


Okay, you guys might be thinking of me being crazy, but honestly, Speckles needs to be here. Sure his narration is downright horrible, but his character was great, even by Dino-standards. He would try to do anything to protect his family and is a really caring figure. He is also the most depressing dinosaur I've seen in media :(...


This dino from Flintstones is not forgettable at all. After all, he is still known after more than a 50 years...


Give her a credit. After all, she is the first dinosaur to appear in an animated feature.

I like Gertie The Dinosaur.

Vastatosaurus Rex

If T. Rex was to still remain alive after 65 million years, the result would have been a very catastrophic evolution. More stronger, durable, faster and twice as brutal and aggressive as T. Rex while also gaining notoriety for hunting in packs, A V. Rex is something you really don't want to mess around with!

Vastatosaurus Rex is supposed to be the evolution of Tyrannosaurus Rex, and according to the King Kong wiki, V-Rex has a height of 25 feet, measures up to 70 feet, and weighing around 30 tons... Just imagine these stats and think about the other theropods... Is there a theropod this heavy and big? So, I would say that if Vastatosaurus was to be real, then it would be the only dinosaur that would be feared, even by T-Rex, Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and even Spinosaurus... Also, the V-Rex has thick, bulky, armory skin that makes bites from other dinosaurs useless... Vastatosaurus also has a massive jaw, which can remove an ENTIRE chunk from any dinosaur... V-Rex can achieve speeds up to 25 MPH... If you were a Rex fan, you would probably thank Peter Jackson for creating this dinosaur and keep the "Rex" type dinosaurs the king, since nobody seems to care about Tyrannosaurus anymore... I love Vastatosaurus Rex... This should be at least number 2

It took beatings from Kong... Enough Said

Vastatosaurus rex or v rex as it's more commonly called is supposed to be the evolutionary descendent of t rex if it carried on evolving and didn't go extinct and the end result a monstrous theropod. Its appearance resembles that of a bigger, bulkier and more menacing t rex reaching lengths of up to 70ft and weighing as much as 15 tons it's undoubtedly bigger than its ancestor t rex, bigger than giganotosaurus it's even bigger than spinosaurus the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered. V rex is the top predator of the skull island being able to hunt whatever it wants (apart from king kong off course). It possess a bite force of 35,000 psi over twice as strong as that of t rex meaning it can drive its massive jaws and giant bone crushing, flesh ripping teeth into any prey of its choice with enormous force behind them. Something you definitely wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of. Despite its size it is suprisingly fast able to reach speeds of 30mph, so there's no point in ...more


Sharp Tooth is the best Villain ever to be in a Child's Movie because he is not your average "Little Lame Kiddie Villain" like Joker or Bowser or simply other lame villains who get defeated easily. Sharptooth made history as the most terrifying villain for children of all time.

Just don't like it that Sharptooth had to Drown...

A classic dino villain from a classic dino movie. Sharptooth is the biggest, baddest meat-eater you will ever encounter in the mysterious beyond capable of performing super-natural feats all with one good eye. And right when you think he's gone he reappears to gobble you up.

Survived the splitting of Pangaea, broke bedrock with his skull, killed an adult apatosaurus on his own, has the ability to pull a Jason Voorhees (disappear then, reappear behind you), insanely powerful legs (capable of leaping great distances, as well as, several times his own height), and all while having only one, good eye.

Sharptooth is my little brother's favorite, and I can see why. He is the scariest villain ever, considering that monstrosity came from a rated g movie. He has super-natural strength and durability, possibly even exceeding Rudy from Ice Age 3. He is also responsible for making my mom (who has never cried) cry for killing Littlefoot's mom.

Indominus Rex Indominus rex was the latest attraction in Jurassic World. The hybrid was created by combining the genetic traits of multiple species.

Indominus Rex is my personal favorite, because as well as possessing almost super natural powers, he brings skill and owes it to science, which is my favorite. Also, he looks very scary and interesting.

A hybrid mash up of all the deadliest dinos in existence and what do you get the indominus rex an absolute cold-blooded killing machine murdering everything in its path. It's even said to have some human DNA inside it that might explain its intelligence and why it kills for fun or sports rather than just for food.

Raptors (Jurassic Park franchise)

This movie proved the answer worldwide that Raptors are not so-friendly creatures and a very dangerous one at that. Plus, the raptors are also pretty cool :).

Raptor Red

Robert T. Bakker has really done an outstanding job in creating a Utahraptor who possesses a great character development and for being a very likeable character overall.

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Barney stores drugs in his suit
don't do drugs unless there free

ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! That’s what I call a fictional dinosaur!

No god no not barney he gives me nightmares

Why barney? He's kind of useless.


Very poorly known, so I thought it's something worthwhile to put him on this. Well, guess what, another Avenger. Just how many would you want? But however, he succeeds and finishes his job with a very satisfying manner.

T. Rex (Dinosaur Comics)

An awesome Rex from an awesome web comic :).

T. Rex IS real.


I'm talking about the one from we're back.


Ducky is Cute, Sweet and Innocent.

Cute, Sweet and Innocent. What is there to not like about Ducky?
From The Land Before Time 1.

Arlo (The Good Dinosaur)

I love the Ice Age franchise! How could this not be added already until me, Ishan a.k.a Shall-I did?!?


From The Land Before Time X.

One Eye
D. Rex

Petrie is like Fear from Inside Out.

Tina Rex

Tina Rex is so Cool and actually makes Gumball watchable.

The only reason why Gumball is Awesome is because of Tina The Rex and you know it.

Titanosaurus Vagacastrum

While the real-life titanosaurus is anything but mountain-looking, this behemoth from the game ARK: Survival Evolved is absolutely incredible in terms of looks. I mean look at it, it had those bony plate armour on its body that are like rocks on a mountain. Its also so massive that it can even support a whole fortress on its back. So basically, this creature is like a walking mountain in both appearance and size and like I never seen a dinosaur that grow up to that size.

If it existed in real life, it would be the biggest thing on the planet and nothing can possibly stop it. Not even a t.rex would want to mess with it since the titan can one shot almost everything in the game it came from. It would send everything running whenever it searches for food. This thing is also something that you should take seriously and shouldn't mess around with.

Thunderclap (The Good Dinosaur)

Because it is a cryptozooligical dinosaur. - DinoLover4242

Momma Rex

I love the Ice Age franchise! How could this not be added already?!?


WHAT?!? Until me, Ishan a.k.a Shall-I added her, she wasn't there! She deserves number 1!

Baby T-rex (Ice Age 3)
Kron (Dinosaur)

You almost can't tell that he's an iguanodon.

Blue (Jurassic World)
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