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1 The Loud Family

The Loud family consists of bossy Lori, dumb blonde Leni, rock 'n' roll Luna, jokester and comic relief Luan, energetic sports-playing tomboy Lynn, middle child Lincoln, emo and goth poet Lucy, dirty tomboy Lana, bratty pageant princess Lola, child genius Lisa, and baby Lily. I love this family. I wonder what is like to be as a middle child of this family. Luan is my favorite while I sometimes get to obsess over Lucy and Luan at the same time - Fandomstuck

2 Dexter's Family (Dexter's Laboratory)

Dexter has an older blonde sister who looks like she was 12 or 13 named Dee Dee, and has parents. One is a dad with blonde hair and glasses and the other is a redhead mom. - Fandomstuck

3 Mandy's Family (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy)

Mandy has her parents who are scared of her and their names are Claire and Phil. - Fandomstuck

4 The McGuire Family

I love this family so much. Lizzie's family is the best family ever. I love Lizzie McGuire because it's a good show about middle school. Lizzie has good fashion sense. - Fandomstuck

5 The Baxter Family

The reason I love the Baxter family is because that I love That's So Raven! Raven has good fashion sense while Cory is my favorite. - Fandomstuck

6 The Addams Family

I love this family. My favorite is Wednesday. She's like Mandy and Lucy Loud combined. - Fandomstuck

7 The Baker Family

This is from Cheaper by the Dozen, my favorite movie I watched at school. This movie is very awesome and so does Hilary Duff. 2003 has its good moments and was the best year ever! - Fandomstuck

8 The Pickles Family

The reason why I love this family it's because Tommy is a nice baby while Angelica is very mean. - Fandomstuck

9 The Wattersons Family

They're just no ordinary family. Gumball is my favorite along with Anais and Penny. - Fandomstuck

10 The Weasley Family

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11 The Wendle Family

I love Clarence, especially this family. Clarence Wendle is my favorite character along with Chelsea, Kimby, and Sumo. - Fandomstuck

12 The Sopranos Family
13 The Malfoy Family
14 The Nelsons & The Cleavers
15 The Dreemurrs (Undertale)
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1. The Loud Family
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