Top Ten Fictional Organizations

The Top Ten Fictional Organizations

1 Justice League - DC Comics
2 Umbrella Corporation - Resident Evil Series

Umbrella rules. they're the reason Wesker exists. - MyRockets345

3 Thieves Guild - The Elder Scrolls Series

The Thieves Guild is the best team in the game. - MyRockets345

4 BSAA - Resident Evil Series

They know what they're doing - MyRockets345

5 Avengers - Marvel Comics

Meh they all right - MyRockets345

6 Templars - Assassins Creed Series

The templars always win - MyRockets345

7 Dark Brotherhood - The Elder Scrolls Series
8 Sinestro Corps - DC Comics

Sinestro is a boss - MyRockets345

9 X-Men - Marvel Comics
10 The Assassins - Assassin Creed Series

The Contenders

11 The Capitol - The Hunger Games
12 The SCP Foundation - SCP

They would kick everybody on this list. They keep everything that could end this universe secret, and even if they didn't have SCPs (which they don't use for combat), it has Hundreds of Thousands of Soldiers, Hundreds of Tanks, So much air force, as well as Nuclear Weaponry.

13 The Brotherhood - 1984
14 K.A.O.S Get Smart! - 1904
15 U.N.C.L.E. - The Man From UNCLE
16 The Death Eaters - Harry Potter Series
17 Aperture Science - Portal Series
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