Top Ten Fictional Places to Visit

This is a list of places we all wish we can go in real life but , they're not real . Some of these places are sweet and cool and some of them are dark and scary . Some of these places will be paradise or too scary for some people but , they still want to live in it to get scared and survive . There are also some action places where you fight and have powers . Some are places were you have to survive from zombies and other survivable things and so much more great dream places you wish you can go .

The Top Ten

1 My Little Pony (Hell)
2 My Little Pony (Planet)
3 Horror City
4 Creepypastaville (Village)

Hmm I just added this for the creepypasta fans - Blear

5 Anime Fighting Planets

Anime fighting planets like DBZ and Naruto and any other anime power fighting and you imaginary anime fighting world - Blear

6 No Man's Sky (All Planets)
7 Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob who doesn't want to go here - Blear

8 TheTopTens Family (Where All TopTenners Live Together)

I prefer to chat via text, but meeting some TopTenners in person can be interesting (if I don't mess up in the middle of a conversation...) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Hmm...not sure about being a dream place to visit but it would certainly be interesting for the first ten minutes. - Britgirl

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9 Killerclown Town
10 Racing City

The Contenders

11 Adjikistan
12 Mitakihara Middle School

Amazing building architectures? Check.
Smart glass technology to replace normal walls? Check.
Classroom desks that rises from the ground? Check.
High tech whiteboard? Check.
Laptops for school work? Check.
A beautiful view from the school rooftop? Check.
Good-looking uniforms(White gakurans for males also a beige blazer with white cuffs, a red bow and a black-white plaid skirt)? Check.
Pretty much a school I'd love to go to If this is real school - MLPFan

13 The Simpsons (Springfield)
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