Top Ten Fictional Places to Visit

This is a list of places we all wish we can go in real life but , they're not real . Some of these places are sweet and cool and some of them are dark and scary . Some of these places will be paradise or too scary for some people but , they still want to live in it to get scared and survive . There are also some action places where you fight and have powers . Some are places were you have to survive from zombies and other survivable things and so much more great dream places you wish you can go .

The Top Ten

1 My Little Pony (Hell) V 1 Comment
2 My Little Pony (Planet) V 1 Comment
3 Horror City V 1 Comment
4 Creepypastaville (Village)

Hmm I just added this for the creepypasta fans - Blear

5 Anime Fighting Planets

Anime fighting planets like DBZ and Naruto and any other anime power fighting and you imaginary anime fighting world - Blear

6 No Man's Sky (All Planets) V 1 Comment
7 Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob who doesn't want to go here - Blear

8 TheTopTens Family (Where All TopTenners Live Together)

I prefer to chat via text, but meeting some TopTenners in person can be interesting (if I don't mess up in the middle of a conversation...) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Hmm...not sure about being a dream place to visit but it would certainly be interesting for the first ten minutes. - Britgirl

V 1 Comment
9 Killerclown Town
10 Racing City

The Contenders

11 Adjikistan
12 Mitakihara Middle School V 1 Comment
13 The Simpsons (Springfield)
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