Fictional Public Information Films That Can't Be Taken Seriously

Let's face it, at one point or another, we saw a public information film that scared the bajeezus out of us.
Whether it was anti-smoking, anti-drug or anti-sweet dreams, they managed to educate, terrify, and plague us for years.
But here are some public information films that would be so hilariously violent, gory, stupid, offensive or illogical the only way we'd have nightmares from them would be if they started tormenting you in a dream.

Please note that this is a collaborative list with PositronWildhawk. Out of 10 items, he came up with 6 of them.

The Top Ten

1 Don't Get a Face Like Eric Pickles
2 This Will Never Involve You, But We'll Scare You Anyway

This PSA involves many various deaths. For example, the first person dies to a miraculous setting change, where he appears suddenly in a cup of tea, while he drowns. The second person sees his dog turn into a snake and eat him. The last one cuddles a teddy bear, which then attacks him.
No one knows the moral of this PSA, but the suggested one would probably be Bizzaro-World is a horrible place to live. - ArchAces

There was also a knife that grew out of your face and killed you

3 Will I Wake Up Handcuffed to a Lamp Post?

A very simplistic ad, this one just has a video of a man handcuffed to a lamp post, while narration says "Will I wake up handcuffed to a lamp post? Perhaps if you get high." - ArchAces

4 When You Take Drugs, You Go to Silent Hill

This ad starred two teenagers smoking pot in their bedroom.
When they go outside, they enter the forbidden, fog-ridden town itself.
They then meet Pyramid Head, who proceeds who torture and kill them, heard by the screams they produce.
It's so over-the-top that if it weren't for Silent Hill 4-onward, then 3 would have been the last thing that made people scared of the town. - ArchAces

5 Will It Explode All Over Me?

Like the 10:10 ad No Pressure, this one gained a lot of controversy over it's use of ludicrous giblets flying everywhere.
A family opens up a box, and it shows a bomb ticking. Once it hits zero, the house explodes, and we zoom in on the aforementioned giblets. - ArchAces

6 If You Abused Your Child, and He Jumped Out His Third-story Window, Connect the Dots

This one has a bunch of children falling out windows while "Stone In Focus" by Aphex Twin plays in the background. We then cut to see a mom making them throw out the window. It would be sad and disturbing, if the last line wasn't "Seriously, how many friends of yours miraculously die for the sake of public information films?! " - ArchAces

7 He's Less Black Than Your Lungs

He see a black man standing in a road. As narration says, "He raps. He fights for equality. He loves Kentucky Fried Chicken. He's full black," the picture zooms out. "But what's more black than him is your lungs." It fully zooms out to see that it was a picture stuck on a black lung. - ArchAces

I love this one as much as this list. Pleased to have worked with you, ArchAces. - PositronWildhawk

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8 Give Them the Break (Hospital Edition)

It involves a man in a hospital who is near death from a car crash. He reveals he had no brake on his car. The nurse asks why, and he says, before he dies, "I gave it to a drunk driver."
The doctor then glances at the dead patient, and says, "That patient was a complete idi-"
Campaign slogan. - ArchAces

9 Don't Do It In Public

The PSA starts with people shoving sticks into people in time-lapse, set to Yakety Sax.
A narration says that in some countries, shoving small sticks into people is fun and games for the government.
We then cut to people shoving sticks into people in normal time. Yakety Sax is now no longer playing. The first person that gets a stick pushed in has that area spurt out blood, while he screams in anguish.
"Why wouldn't you do that in public? " the narrator asks.
So where are those countries that have it as fun and games? Hopefully they don't air these there. - ArchAces

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10 Put Them Out Before the Flames Start

A PSA about accidental fires, this one shows a sleeping man holding a cigarette. It falls onto his lap, still lit. Before it can start a fire, it cuts to a scrolling text screen, which says:
"Before you go to sleep, make sure any hazards that can cause fires won't cause fires. Put them out before the flames start."
Unfortunately, that was only the start. The text goes on and on about how many people have died from accidental fires, and how people are irresponsible imbeciles who deserve to die in those fires, before being cut off.
It's a shame it was cut off six minutes late, as the rant went on and on and on and on and on for six minutes. - ArchAces

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