Top 10 Fictional Technologies You Wish Existed

The Top Ten
1 Flying cars

They do exist I think, they’re just being tested out still

2 Time machines

I just want to revisit my childhood house. Also save extinct and endangered species.

I would want to save the elephants as well <3 Love elephants

I'd go into the past to save the mammoth, cause they're elephants, I LOVE ELEPHANTS

3 Lightsabers

Imagine changing warfare with this.

*Duel of the Fates starts playing*

That image is so cool though.

4 Transporters
5 Holograms

There are already Holograms.

6 Skin-healing patches
7 Invisible cloaks

Then I can be extra sneaky.

8 Space travel
9 Cure for all diseases

That would be magic.

10 Stop-time & space watch
The Contenders
11 Cold fusion
12 Submarine cars
13 Vibranium armor
14 Warp drive
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