Best Fictional Time Machines

Best things used by fictional characters to travel in time.

The Top Ten

1 TARDIS from Doctor Who (1963-1989, 2005-)

The TARDIS is a time machine and spaceship combined. The word TARDIS literally means 'Time and Relative Dimensions in Space'. It can not only travel intime, but also in space, and how many time machines can do both? The TARDIS is created/grown by an ancient race called the Time Lords, who come from the planet Gallifrey, who also created black holes for example. The Time Lords are one of the most ancient and revered races in the universe. It may seem like a blue police box from the outside, but it is infinitely big onnthe inside. The oudside only looks that way because the ship's Chameleon Circuit is broken, which is what allows the ship to blend in with its surroundings when it materializes. Don't let the police box facade fool you, the ship's exterior is very hard to destroy. Specialised TARDISes have even been used in battle, as all TARDISes can change their exterior. The TARDIS can travel in time better then any other time machine, from the beginning to the end of time itself, and ...more

The person who said that the TARDIS being a box is seriously wrong. The TARDIS is bigger on the inside if you've ever watched the series and I think it's better than the "DeLorean" in my opinion. And the DeLorean can't travel in space and I've only heard of Back to the Future more recently than Doctor Who, which I've known about the series ever since I was little.

Half said this, half of the people here are amazing. Guess which half, this one - WanderingCatYt

Shaped like a police box, much bigger on the inside, comes from another planet, and is alive (sort of)!

2 DeLorean from Back to the Future (1985)

The ULTIMATE time machine.

A DeLorean car modified into a time machine by Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown that can travel in time with its flux capacitor, and driving it at 88 miles per hour.

The DeLorean pales in comparison to the Doctor's TARDIS. It's a man-made time machine built into a car. How can it possible compare to the time machine and spaceship that is the TARDIS, which is built by an ancient alien race, smarter than any human being could possible hope to be?

It is clearly better then the doctor who 'box'.
It's better looking, its thought through more and its from back to the future which is much better and well known then doctor who.

3 The Time Machine from The Time Machine (1960)

The original time machine.

4 The Phone Booth from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)

Copied doctor who - WanderingCatYt

I don't know what that is

5 Trimaxian Drone Ship from Flight of the Navigator (1986)

The greatest time machine ever! - RockFashionista

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