Top Ten Fictional Villains Who Should Fight


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1 Darth Vader vs Dark Helmet

Vader would win but it would be hilarious. - Therandom

This has to happen some time! - PositronWildhawk

2 Deathstroke vs Deadpool

Deathstroke win, but Deadpool is funny and I would like it to win

There is a death battle about it dead pool wins

3 Doomsday vs Bane

That would be a tough battle. - Therandom

4 Sandman vs Clayface

I don't know who would win. - Therandom

5 Killer Croc vs Rhino

Difficult, I have not seen these guys fight hard

6 Bowser vs Dr. Egg Man

Dr. Egg Man has more intelligence

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7 Lord Voldemart vs Saruman

They're both powerful wizards. - Therandom

8 Haytham Kenway vs Cesare Borgia

Haytham would after a little time. - Therandom

9 Mr. Burns vs Mom (Futurama)

Mom from Futurama. And mom would win she can slap. - Therandom

10 Uchiha Madara vs Marshall D. Teach

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11 Teridax vs Megatron
12 Funekei Yoshida vs O-Ren Ishii
13 Colonel Zarpedon vs Handsome Jack

They didn't really fight. - Therandom

14 Dr. Evil vs Haruka Seameyer

Both are terrorists and quite intelligent, so I don't know who would win.

15 Raditz vs The Grinning Man (Silent Hill)

I like them about evenly and they're both pretty strong, but I think it could still make an interesting fight. I'm not sure which one would come out on top.

16 Pennywise vs Laughing Jack
17 Trantor the Troll vs Blix

I think Blix would have a better chance of winning because he's not killed by milk or anything made from dairy. Just squirt Trantor with milk and he'll die.

18 Hans Beckert (M) vs Mr. Slade (The Lodger 1944)
19 Caesar Clown vs Mayuri
20 Percival C. McLeach vs Madame Medusa
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