Top 10 Fictional Villains with the Stupidest Motivations

The Top Ten

1 He forgot (Kayaba Akihiko - Sword Art Online)
2 Her friend moved away (Starlight Glimmer - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Become evil just because a friend or loved one moved away?!

3 People not letting him play with Pigeons (Mr. Pigeon - Miraculous Ladybug)
4 Not getting a job promotion (Obadiah Stane - Iron Man)
5 Wanting Beachfront Property (Lex Luthor - 1978 Superman)
6 Wanting to Sell Skin Cream (Lauren Hedare - Catwoman)
7 Not invited to a party (Maleficient - Sleeping Beauty)

Yeah, you're not invited to a party so you kill someone's child.

8 Losing a Baseball game (Goob - Meet the Robinsons)

Yes that was funny and he could also have gone back in time and won and it would have been easier than his actual plot.

9 Stealing Cattle (Alameda Slim - Home on the Range)

Also, his motivation for doing so was because he was rejected by all the ranches he worked for because they didn't like his yodeling.

Technically, this is the most realistic.

10 Not Fairest In The Land (The Evil Queen - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

She has to have someone else murdered for being more beautiful than her?! That's a really lame motivation!

The Contenders

11 Getting rich (Madame Medusa - The Rescuers)


She's willing to put a little girl's life in danger just for a stupid diamond! And you can tell how greedy she is just by the fact she wants the biggest diamond in the world, the Devil's Eye, when she could have made a huge amount of cash off the little ones she brought up from the cave.

12 Stealing a bell (Sarousch - The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2)
13 He was destined to be the Flash's nemesis (Eobard Thawne - The Flash)
14 He wanted more equality for people (Thanos - Infinity War)

He could just use the reality stone!

15 He wanted to turn all the Clans into one big Clan (Tigerstar - Warrior Cats)

It sounds okay at first, but he killed & injured so many cats & attempted to kill Bluestar, the leader at the time, during his rise to power. He also forced half-Clan cats to fight to the death, even if they were just apprentices. - RoseWeasley

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