Best Fictious Diseases


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1 Hemmorhagic Rabies

Rabies is so so bad it's uncurrable I'm studying rabies right now infact

2 Rage Virus

Featured in the films '28 Days Later' and '28 Weeks Later' and in the Future Novel 'EnRaged: The Story of the Rage Virus' by Alex Sharpe (C) 2007

Causes Hemorrhaging, Bloodshot Eyes, Internal Bleeding, Spready Through Bodily Fluids, Causes Insanity and Extreme Pain, Victims become extremely hostile to anything that moves or makes sound. Infected can run and vomit up blood and bite to spread infection. Infection cannot be cured, it is completely deadly, and very scary. - E115EnRaged935

This is a real virus its just not as dramatic do your research

3 Krippin Virus

Featured in the film 'I Am Legend' - E115EnRaged935

4 Haggard Virus
5 The Andromeda Strain

Featured in the film 'The Andromeda Strain' - E115EnRaged935

6 Solanum Virus

As seen in World War Z and the books of the same name by Max Brooks - GamingGodPrime

7 T-Virus

Featured in the film series 'Resident Evil' and also the game series 'Resident Evil' along with novels, books, and other featurettes under the 'Resident Evil' title' - E115EnRaged935

8 Motaba Virus

Featured in the film 'Outbreak' - E115EnRaged935

9 Trixie Virus

Featured in the Movie 'The Crazies'

Causes insanity, and murderous state of mind. Suicidal victims. A nerve agent. - E115EnRaged935

10 Captian Tripps

Captain Trips is scary because at first the symptoms are like the common cold. However, the disease gets worse by the hour, eventually culminating in swelling of the glands, delirium, hallucinations, and finally, the virus chokes its victims on their own phlegm. Yuck.

This virus spreaded every in the movie, The Stand. Thi s was adapted from a Stephen King book, so any movie based on Stephen King's books has to be good.

The Contenders

11 The Fever

Featured in the film 'Cabin Fever'

A flesh-eating disease that can be spread to touched surfaces, water, and bodily fluids. - E115EnRaged935

12 Space Rabies

This should be Number 1! - imacg4

13 ALZ-113
14 Zombie Flu

This is from The Loud House.

15 The Flare

This was in the maze runner

16 MEV-1
17 Reaper Virus
18 Whiplash Neurotoxin
19 Simian Flu
20 Cooties
21 Allegra
22 Cogito Virus
23 Ligma
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