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21 Jimmy De Martini

Underrated. Can play with the best of all time

Jimmy is amazing. Should be ranked as a top 5

Jimmy De is the best! Listen to him play the Intro to Free by ZBB or Devil Went Down to Georgia and you will agree.

Jimmy is the best fiddle player

22 Vassar Clements

If Vassar Clements is only #24, this list is worthless. I consider him the greatest pop instrumentalist - yes, ANY INSTRUMENT - of the 20th century.

As was already stated he should be #1 or at least at very top of list, not # 24. This is past ridiculous!

#24? Listen to the Circle album and then let me know

Vassar at 24? This is a commercial joke!

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23 Mark Weeg

This guy takes regular fiddle tunes and uses his limited classical education to really make something out of them. He wrote a book full of fiddle tunes he collected, and I hear he still plays with the orchestra. He used to run a mandolin orchestra, and he was in bluegrass bands, Irish bands, Scottish bands, country bands -- and that's not to mention all of the fiddle-contest prizes he is reputed to have won. This guy gets my vote, that's all.

I have had the great opportunity of playing with Mark for 8 years. Great inspiration and teacher as well as an awesome fiddler. One of the easiest fiddlers to accompany that I have ever played with.

Mark is a phenomenon. Lighting fast and dead on accurate. I've enjoyed working with Mark for many years and have always been in awe of his showmanship and ability to wow the audience.

I've known Mark since 1963 and I swear he was born with a fiddle in his hands.

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24 Hugh Farr

Hugh Farr was AWESOME! One of the greatest violinists of all time said his bowing arm was the best in the world! If it wasn't for his choice to stay with the SOTP he could well have become one of the most famous fiddlers around. He deserves to be much better known than he is.

Many people don't know who Hugh Farr, one of the members of the original Sons of the Pioneers, is. He was one of the best fiddlers in history!

Best sense of rhythm and swing - so that makes him the best. Pity he stuck with the SOPT.

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25 Craig Duncan

Thanks for always playing clean and right!

26 Nicky Sanders

Glad Nicky's on the list. He deserves to be. Excellent musician and performer.

Fabulous with Steve martin + Martin Short show!


I just heard Nicky perform at Dollywood tonight, with the rest of the band. He is a very gifted violinist. I could listen to his playing all day. The rest of the band is very talented too. Don't miss an opportunity to see them
If you are given that chance- you won't regret it. 😊

27 Ashley MacIsaac

Outstanding passion. Could listen for hours.

Maddening skill and speed


28 Michael Cleveland

Bluegrass fiddle player of the year at least 8 times!

This guy is the real deal, probably lost count of all the awards he's won.

Simply the best in his style ever to the point of transcending styles

Simply the best I've ever heard.

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29 Máiréad Nesbitt

Stop being male oriented. She is Fantastic! Try listening with an open mind.

She is the best fiddle player IN THE WORLD

Mairéad should be top 5 if not number 1! Best female player in the world, as far as I'm concerned.

Oustanding musician and so easy on the eyes, a real Irish pixie.

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30 Alison Kraus

Not only does Alison sing like an angel...but she is the "fiddle" player on all of her recordings and live performances! She's amazing!

Love her voice!

31 Dave Swarbrick

There is absolutely no fiddle player that compares to Swarb. I do not believe there is anyone more acclaimed than this master of English Folk and former member of Fairport Convention.

Just terrific. My 2nd best. Dur why isn't Aly Bain here? Because he's in a different league maybe.

32 Bobby Hicks

I met Bobby when he played with the Judy Lynn band in Reno Nevada & also
Did a fiew jobs with him in the 60's.
He is also a fine banjo picker & singer as well as a great person.
He was also part of that great Ricky Skaggs sound.

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33 Donnell Leahy

Great fiddle player from a wonderfully musical family!

Insanely talented and a wonderful, warm person as well.

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34 Terry Morris

Terry was, by far, the gel between old-school masters and the younger masters of today. His song versions and his intricate bowing is unsurpassed.

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35 Hubert Cox
36 Chris Higbee

Pittsburgh local fiddle player

37 John "Chank the Fiddler" Jeansonne

Fiddler for Country Music Group Rascal Flatts from January 2002 - January 6, 2015.

My favorite fiddle player! He's the sweetest boy I ever met, too.

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38 Billy MacInnis

Best fiddler! Listen and you'll understand.

Great player and great person

Where is He from I knew a MacInnis from Chipman N.B.

39 Jason Carter

Has also won bluegrass fiddle player of the year. Plays for del mccoury.

40 Kenny Baker Kenny Baker Kenneth George "Kenny" Baker was an English actor and musician. He is best known for portraying the character R2-D2 in the Star Wars science fiction movie franchise.

One of the smoothest first generation fiddle players. just passed away in the last year or so.

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