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41 John "Chank the Fiddler" Jeansonne

Fiddler for Country Music Group Rascal Flatts from January 2002 - January 6, 2015.

My favorite fiddle player! He's the sweetest boy I ever met, too.

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42 Mirabai Parnall

Mirabai Parnall started when she was five, and is perfect!

She is very good

43 Jean Carignan

Greatest Fiddler of French-Canadian Music, but also combined elements of Scottish and Irish Fiddling. Certainly one of the greatest North American Fiddlers. Was a friend of Yehudi Menuhin.

44 Eileen Ivers

Fabulous Bronx ex-river dance fiddler

45 Gene Elders V 1 Comment
46 Casey Driessen
47 Doug Meek
48 Bonnie Riley

Texas Fiddler puts on a great show - also seen on Penny Gilley and other Branson places. Regular at Fiddler's Frolic Annual Texas Championships. Beautiful inside and out and a good friend.

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49 Liz Carroll

Liz Carroll has soul what a great fiddle player,plays as sweet wether she's playing fast or slow.

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50 Kevin Burke

Where is Kevin Burke on this list? All the fiddle players mentioned seem to be predominantly from the U.S.A. he is a GREAT fiddle player of incredible ability

51 Cathal Hayden

Famed for being a banjo player yet his fiddle playing is mind blowing,I saw him play at the "Doolin Folk Festival" in the west coast of Ireland last year and was spellbound at the sound he wrenched outta the fiddle.

52 Ross Holmes
53 Natalie MacMaster

Wonderful, expressive and energetic fiddler. Amazing warm, caring teacher and performer.

54 Jay Ungar

Jay ungar is a very good fiddle player,

55 Bonnie Rideout
56 Jeremy Abshire

Raw talent. Has an ear for the fiddle and can make it sing. You don't find natural talent like that anymore.

One of the best fidfle players out there. He was on the cover of Fiddlers Magazine in the summer of 2012.

57 Alastair White
58 Shorty Lavender V 2 Comments
59 Alasdair Fraser

Alasdair doesn't seem to play the fiddle as much as he extends his heart through the instrument and it comes out as perfect music. I keep looking for a fiddler that is even in the same league, is tone, and touch and heart and effortless play are impeccable and inspiring.

One of the finest fiddler and writer of fiddle tunes alive! I can't believe this master isn't on here already.

60 Jacob Bennett

Damn good fiddle player

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