Top 10 Fielding Teams In Cricket

THis list tells you about the top 10 fielding teams in cricket

The Top Ten

1 India

India is amazing in cricket, no doubts

Virat hardik jadeja

Ya correct

N.1 best fielders

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2 South Africa

I don't know who would think otherwise just look at Jonty Rhodes he was INSANE

I'm Pakistani but South Africa and India is best fielding team ever and poor fielding team Pakistan. Every time Pakistan lose their match by fielding and batting.70% lose their match by fielding 25% by batting and 5% by bowling

AB DEVILLIERS is a wonderful fielder and also a world's greatest batsman in the world miller doesn't drop catch, he is an excellent fielder

South Africa are the best fielding team in the world and of course they have the the god of fielding ab de villiers

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3 Pakistan

Most Popular team

Pakistan is the best team

Pakistan is the best side in the world


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4 West Indies

West Indies Produces the most High flying fielders. The fielders which put them on the third position are Pollard and Bravo - Aaki77

How is India number seriously? They are just voting for themselves! I'm an Aussie and the West Indies have been the best fielding team of the last 15 years and still are! - Monners55

I support pakistan and I'm pakistani but west indies fielding is good

A best fielding side ever

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5 Sri Lanka

We had good fielders like Dilshan,Chandimal and Mathews

Yeah one of the best feeling teams

This is A very good team

One of the best

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6 England

England is the best Fielding team in this current world cup 2019

Eoin Morgan is the 6th best fielder in the world because of him England is ranked 5th - Aaki77

7 Ireland

Ireland have a better fielding squad then Pakistan, New Zealand and Bangladesh - Aaki77

They are the only ASSOCIATE TEAM to reduce the Major Countries within the runrate of 5.00 in ODIs with his GREAT FIELDING

8 New Zealand

We always have focuesed on fielding even teaching it to our young. Catches win matches. 100% best fielding team in history.

New Zealand Is Number 1 Fielding Team in the Cricket History

Kiwi are kings of fielding. I think it should be at top of the table

Black caps are alien in field ing site

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9 Australia


Australia fielded very well but a drastic change in the squad coming in of young players who don't field well makes australia's fielding poor - Aaki77

I think Australia is the best team after Bangladesh... Bravo Australia bravo Bangladesh...

Champions will be champions only ever

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10 Bangladesh

A rapidly improving team!

Now bangladesh is good filding side in the world

Not very good except Mushfique and Shakib

Best of

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The Contenders

11 Afghanistan

Rah, r u dumb, do you not know who mujeeb and Rashad are. because this country is meant to be in the top three, like come on. Don’t be dumb.

Najib Zadran of Afghanistan jumped and caught the ball and landed in a double somersault to win the match against west indies. Why is it in 11?

Still needs to improve fielding but the way they are showing their aggression in t20 WC 2016 is incredible... It seems like cricket is becoming popular in all over the globe as football...

12 United Arab Emirates
13 Japan

Japanese are the powerful hitters in cricket. I love Japan national cricket team.

Japan rocks in Cricket. Especially in fielding, I love Japan very much.,

But in Japan played baseball

14 Nepal
15 Hong Kong

Hong have a good filder in Asia

16 Zimbabwe

How is Japan ahead of the mighty chevrons?! - AGK


17 Oman
18 Canada
19 United States United States


20 Papua New Guinea

Awesome team

21 Scotland Scotland Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain.
22 Belgium
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