Fiercest Native American Tribes

The Top Ten

1 Apache

Vast in number and had very brave warriors


2 Comanche

Forced the depopulation of much of Texas following the Civil War. Very dangerous and numerous. Defeated the fort system in the Department of Texas.

The most vast land of any tribe in America.

The Apache were afraid of the Comanche.

Held off the western movement for 40 years, no tribe could ride a horse like the Comanches. The Texas Rangers and the six shooter came about because of the Comanches.

3 Lakota

Not to discount the many Braves who died trying to save their way of life, but Lakota warfare was so successful because of the great leaders who inspired so many. Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, Spotted Elk, American Horse, Rain-in-the-Face, Black Elk, and the late Brave Eagle (Russel Means).

I agree. These were very brave Indians. But my favorite is sitting bull

4 Cherokee

Because that is my tribe and I am also fierce.

There strong and tough warriors

They were the smartes Indian tribe and had a form of government

5 Pawnee

I'm doing this tribe for my school project

6 Navajo
7 Dakota
8 Ojibwe

Traitors to other tribes who allied with the French

9 Zuni
10 Crow

One of the wealthiest tribes of the Great Plains/Yellowstone region based on horse numbers from horse raids on other tribes and white man. It is said that Crows even raided horses from Lewis&Clark expedition team. They didn't back down from fighting off other tribes who sought their hunting grounds. Great hunters, fierce warriors, iconic Chiefs and proud people.

My friend is criw and he is awesome

The Crows were excellent horsemen, horse raiders, and fought off every intruding tribe from all directions on their own. They defended their homeland fiercely from Lakota, Cheyenne, Northern Arapaho, Blackfoot, Cree, Gros Ventres, and sometimes Shoshones and others.

The Contenders

11 Omaha
12 Iroquois
13 Kickapoo

Native mercenaries for other tribes shen at war. refused any dialogue with non natives. White Americans only remember the most recent, far western native tribes as being the fiercest..mistake.

14 Kiowa
15 Nakota
16 Tonkawa
17 Hurons
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