Best FIFA 17 Card Types


The Top Ten

1 Team of the Year (TOTY)

The name speaks for itself, once a year in January, EA selects a team based on their half year performance. These are the best players in the world. These cards receive incredible boost of stats. (Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Neuer, Modric, Ramos) - Noah_G161

2 Legends

The cards are for retired greatest players of all time. These cards are amazing with rating between 86 and 95. (Pelé, Beckenbauer, Baresi, Maldini) - Noah_G161

3 Team of the Season (TOTS)

Team of the season cards created in May and June based on the real-world season performance. - Noah_G161

Why is this 3rd? Pro Player cards are all 95 rated so they should be 3rd.

4 Team of the Group Stage (TOGS)

These cards are created for the in-forms of the first stage of the European Champions League. (Messi, Lewandowski, Ozil, Godin) - Noah_G161

5 Heroes

The Heroes cards are created to reward individual honours. - Noah_G161

6 Pro Players

Pro Players card are assigned by EA to real professional football players. If you see someone with this cyan card then you are probably playing against a real professional football player. - Noah_G161

7 Man of the Match (MOTM)

MOTM cards are issued for tournaments and excellent performances. (Neymar, Ibrahimovic, Higuain, Ramos) - Noah_G161


These cards are created based on in-forms choice of the FIFA community. The 11 players with most votes, for each one of the award categories, get one of these pink cards. - Noah_G161

9 FUT Champions

In FUT Champions players can compete in weekly events from local to global. In this event you can win records in-form of FUT Champions cards. These cards can’t be found in the packs you can only earn them in the events. - Noah_G161

10 One to Watch (OTW)

These cards will be updated regularly depending on how well a player performs that season in real life. (Higuain, Pogba, Hummels) - Noah_G161

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