Greatest FIFA World Cup Matches of All Time


The Top Ten

1 1982, Italy beat Brazil 3-2

Paolo Rossi destruidor de sonhos

2 1970, Italy beat West Germany 4-3
3 2006, Final, Italy 1-1 France (5-3) Penalties
4 1982, West Germany 3-3 France
5 1966, Final, England West 4 - 2 Germany
6 1950, Uruguay 2 - 1 Brazil
7 1970, Brazil 1-0 England
8 1954, Hungary 4-2 Uruguay

After the 'Battle of Berne', the 'Magical Magyars' had to face the World Champion Uruguay.
Puskas could't play but the same was for Varela, both injuried.
After an amazing match Hungary won 4-2 in extra time with two headballs of S.Kocsis.
Media claimed that this was the best match ever took place till then.

9 1974, West Germany 2-1 Netherlands
10 1986, Argentina 2-1 England

The Contenders

11 1938, Brazil 6-5 Poland

World Cup classic at extra time.
Leonidas da Silva scored 3 goals and Ernst Wilimowski 4, the first player who managed to do so in a World Cup match. Leonidas' goal at 93" was scored without him wearing the right boot, which tore and was left off his foot in the swampy pitch.

12 1958, France 6-3 W.Germany

The third place play off match with Just Fontaine scoring 4 goals.

13 1954, West Germany 3-2 Hungary
14 1954, Hungary 4-2 Brazil

One the way to the final the 'Magic Magyars' had to play with the two finalists of the previous World Cup.
First was Brazil in a match after named 'the battle of Berne'. Continuous raining, tough competition,42 free kicks, two penalties, three players send off.The fighting between the players continoued in the dressing rooms.
FIFA left unpunished the two teams.

15 1970, Brazil 3-1 Uruguay
16 1986, France 1-1 Brazil France (4-3) Penalties
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1. 1982, Italy beat Brazil 3-2
2. 1970, Italy beat West Germany 4-3
3. 2006, Final, Italy 1-1 France (5-3) Penalties


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