Top Ten Best FIFA World Cups

The Top Ten

1 2002 Japan - Korea


2 France 1998

Please France 98 was epic! - maradona108

Best time of my life

3 Brazil 2014

This is going to be the best world cup ever - paasadani

4 Mexico 1986
5 United States 1994
6 Mexic 1970
7 Italy 1990
8 England 1966
9 Spain 1982

There were so many great players and great teams,e.g. Maradona, Mario Kempes, Zico, Michael Platini, Dino Zoff, Karl Heinz Rumminige and Paolo Rossi with teams like Italy,Argentina,France,West Germany and definitely Brazil.

10 Germany 2006

This was overall the best and for me been partially Italian. Also the last World Cup to be held in a place that deserved it and on a financial stand point. 2014 had the best group stage but then went off in the knockout stages. 2002 had the best stars and one of the best international teams ever.

The Contenders

11 South Africa 2010

Definitely the most spirited World Cup of all time! Having South Africa the host and having qualifying underdogs such as North Korea, Slovenia, New Zealand, Honduras, etc, means and shows that any country can play soccer and qualify for the worlds greatest sporting event ever! And (this is every World Cup) having many different countries are playing each other for the trophy, all the countries are still united as one! But this one was special. I would have my World Cup in South Africa every tournament, it's the perfect place for great games to be played and a great place for all countries, players and fans to unite as one. And having it in South Africa gives all those unlucky and poor people and kids something to cheer about for one month! South Africa is PERFECT! I love you World Cup and I love you South Africa, thanks for making 2010 the best tournament EVER!

12 Argentina 1978
13 Germany 1974
14 Uruguay 1930
15 Italy 1934
16 France 1938
17 Brazil 1950
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