Best Fifth Harmony Songs

Fifth harmony is a girlgroup that came third place on the X factor USA. Originally the five girls Ally Brooke Hernandez, Karla Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Michelle Jauregui, and Normani Kordei Hamilton auditioned as solo artists but got put in a group (named LYLAS at the beginning) during boot camp and got through to the judges houses. They changed the name LYLAS to 1432 (I Love You Too) during to copyrights. Later Simon Cowell and LA Reid commented that they didn't like the name 1432 and made naming this girl group open to people and that's where they got the name fifth harmony.

The Top Ten Best Fifth Harmony Songs

1 Miss Movin On

Their latest single which is the best it's like the anthem of summer!

Love the song and video

I love their new album but Miss movin on is probably my fave song they have done probably because it was the first song I ever heard by them and it really got my attention and made me a Harmonizer.

I really love the song! It motivates me...a lot! And I am only 11! I really love Fifth Harmony! I am definitely a Harmonizer

2 Worth It

I like this song but I still prefer little mixers for their black magic and love me like you songs from get weird album rather than that fifth harmony reflection.

It's the worthiest song in the history of fifth harmony

No matter how many times you listen to the song its definitely worth it. One of the catchiest songs of the decade. Worth it surly Worthy to be at the number one position.

I love this song can't stop listening to it, it have to be in the first place not second!

3 Sledgehammer

One day I just randomly decided to listen to Fifth Harmony's songs. When they were still a group, I was very young, so I didn't remember any of these songs except for Work From Home and Worth it. When I heard Sledgehammer, I recognized it. I knew some of the lyrics and now, it's stuck in my head! This song brings back so many memories, and reminds me of the summer time when I was 7 or 8. One last thing, Camila and Ally were amazing in this song. Love ya 5H! (hope they put the band back together soon!) Who else here is a Camilizer?!

Best song I've ever heard. I'm sure the singers enjoyed

I'm surprised why this isn't on the top of the list because it's perfection

Best fifth harmony song, its speaks the truth

4 Work from Home

Absolutely in love with this song, it's catchy and their voices are perfect. Can't stop listening to this song

The best song from this group I've ever heard! Just can't stop listening to its beat! Fell in love with this song at the first time I heard it! This should be at #1!

I been hitting replay ever since I downloaded this song... I NEVER hit replay.

I think this song is great! The music is good and so are their voices

5 That's My Girl

This is a nice song by fifth harmony but worth it n work from home was the best. Even this is a motivation songs for mostly girls #love you fifths harmony you are the best

This is the best fifth harmony song. It's also the only song I like by them

This is my favorite song I love you guys

I love this song so cool

6 Bo$$

I think that you guys are right you should just be yourself and fell confident and fell like a bo$$ and people can't judge you

The best in their album, it reminds me of Destiny's child music.

Its such a awesome song great beats and cool lyrics

I like this song because it has a great beat and it talks about being a boss and being confident. That's me

7 All in My Head (Flex)

Love the vibes in this song and finally a song that shows off Dinah's vocals

The best song I've ever heard and finally Dinah can show her talent.

Get this to number one. This is my favorite song along with Work From Home and BO$$. Sure it's about sex but they are embracing their sexualities and the lyrics are actually quite endearing. And we notice that the girls themselves were songwriters of this. The beach electro trap vibe was amazing and it helped me rock my summer. Dinah and Normani slay as leaders in the song and I love all of their parts. Even Fetty Wap.

Flex and Sledge hammer are my favorites

8 Who Are You

"Who are you" and "We know" are Fifth Harmony's best songs. Both of them are beyond good, they are excellent. It would be great if they could be known for this type of songs, that show their vocals splendidly and that gather an perfect combination of melody and well-written lyrics

Who are you is the 5H ANTHEM! It's represents fetus 5H, is emotional and beautiful! This and 1000 hands are like the only 5H songs that can make me cry. The bridge has the best vocals and there's so much beautiful harmonizing in this this song it's amazing...SO YES THIS IS THE BEST WHY IS IT NOT IN TOP 10?!?!

Who is a great song that expresses a girls emotions when going through an on and off relationship with her boyfriends, it has to be one of fifth harmony's best songs

This is one of their only emotional songs and I really wish they had more music like it. Can't imagine why it's this far down to be honest.

9 We Know

Pretty good song, for real. It's on another level

Nothing Special...

beautiful - 23MACCAja

We know this song is awesome dur who doesn't like this song I LOVE it😊

10 Body Rock

The Contenders

11 Squeeze

Ikr all their sings are great especially squeeze I love this song


12 Gonna Get Better

A beutiful son, definety it is a song that many people should listen

13 Anything Could Happen

Their most famous cover. It was perfect the clothes the decoration their voices EVERYTHING

If 5th harmony is reading this I think I actually start crying and it would be a dream come true if I could actually meet them but probabally never going to happen

It's just her catch

I love your song from I m Cameron please read it out to the crowd and say my song

14 A Thousand Years

Their voices in this cover make me speechless its one of my favourite covers they just harmonize they're not named fifth harmony for nothing

15 Uptown Funk

Kayal hi love you

I think up town funk is a really good song do does my mom my mom is the best mom ever
You are awesome Brouno mars

16 No Way

The vocals of this ballad is sensitive and shows their soft side. I think it needs to be higher up in my opinion. And their vocals are so angelic!

Come on it's such a beautiful song which has a deep meaning this song would make you cry this should be first not miss movin on

How is this song so far down?! It's the most beautiful song lyrically

This very sad

17 Stand by You


18 Me & My Girls

I KNOW right! Why is this on the 11th place? It's gotta be on the 2nd at least come on

Its really catchy and nice... My favourite line "We get britney, demi, one direction, Bieber on it"

This should be a NUMBER ONE. Sledgehammer is the 2nd. It think ORIGINAL SONGS not COVERS. But I am not mad at all.

I thought that song was inspiring and so and awesome

19 Give Your Heart a Break

The Pepsi challenge. I love Dinah's voice in this and when they sang it with Demi I still cry

I love them they are so sweet and I love them

The best song ever...

I think it is awesome

20 I'm In Love With a Monster

This song is so underrated! When the song was made, Lauren was barely assigned solos but she got to lead THIS song! I love it!

Now I am actually in love with a monster

This another one of their great songs, should be higher

Hotel Transylvania 2!

21 Top Down

Such an underrated song! I love the lyric, "Passed out real and I woke up realer".

This should be A LOT further up the list, this needs to beat me and my girls at least! - karnsteins

Amazing beat


22 Brave Honest Beautiful

The chorus is so catchy and cute! I love this song the most out of the entire album! And Meghan Trainor's solo is god bless!

Love this song you are beautiful don't let anyone say you aren't

This song needs to be number 2! I really love this song so much

This one is the BEST

23 Don't Wanna Dance Alone
24 Reflection

The plot twist in the chorus breathes new life into me

Now I always look at my reflection

The sass is real love it

This song and no way deserve more than this!

25 Impossible

It's their start! They sang it twice in Simon's house and then they made a Spanish version during the top 4 week and they rocked it

I loved this one from the x factor. I cried when I heard the girls sing this song near the pool at Simon's house. I could tell Marc Anthony liked it too. The girls sing with "feeling" I sensed it and I loved them. They got all my votes on the show!

One of their best covers, took them to the live shows, the HARMONY was excellent and the girl power was overwhelming and this song truly showcases their vocal abilities.

God bless! Those girls are untouchable! Especially the part where they sang at Simon's house...HE was even impressed! THOSE GIRLS ARE MY IDOLS!

26 This Is How We Roll

This song is so underrated, it's definitely my favourite song of theirs to date! - karnsteins

Underrated - 23MACCAja

My Favorite

27 Big Bad Wolf

The music is to die for


So good

28 Voicemail

This song is so good!



29 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

It's not my favorite song they have covered and personally I think Taylor sings this better (by the way she made a pop/rock version of it during her 1989 tour and it is AWESOME) but they still dang I quite melodiously and harmoniously to say the least.

Lets not talk about this one

This is a Taylor Swift song -. -

That song is so good

30 Suga Mama

It is a good song for not getting a bad man for you you need a sweet man not some guy that is rude to you and family

31 Let It Be

You are the best

Don't know why no one commented 'cause no matter what all your songs are fantastic
-lulu k

32 Dope

This song is my favorite song off 7/27 and it's different than the rest of the album - ericaspiezio

33 Write on Me

Love it for no darn reason

Wow...just wow

best song.

34 Going Nowhere

This song is one of my favorite songs ever! Going Nowhere is good enough to be a SINGLE!

I love that song


This song is going to be at the top or I am going to scream.😀

35 Tellin' Me

I love this song so much, it should've been released!

36 La La La/Latch
37 Skyscraper


Demi Lovato does sing it, but they sang it on X Factor.

Thought this song is sung my Demi Lovato (I love her) but still Camila sang it just like Demi. She has the voice of a nightangle.

nice songs

38 Angel
39 Leave My Heart Out of This

Such a great song!

I love all your songs I wish I could see you I'm your first fave fan I am 9years old and I might becoming to see you perform who are you and my name is azlyn bye have a good day.

40 Don't Say You Love Me
41 Anytime You Need a Friend

They sang it against diamond white for survival and of course they got through did you hear their voices they make me cry ugh fifth harmony?

42 Better Together

This song is absolutely amazing and I'm very confused as to why it isn't on the list?

There voices rock there the best and this song is like GOD so good

This song is sweet and loving


43 Like Mariah

Even though I am a harmonizer and I love all their songs Like Mariah is my ultimate fave;-) It's a beautiful song with a catchy tone.. I love this song so much. All the girls have beautiful and unique voices but I personally prefer Lauren's voice but overall I love all the girls and wish them best of luck for their bright future

Should be number 1.

44 The Life

Love this song

Love it!

love it.

45 Everlasting Love

I feel this song is very underrated. It is such an amazing 90s R&B throwback track that has a beautiful, yet not too overproduced, production that allows the vocals of each girl to shine. We get to hear Lauren in the beginning flow through notes effortlessly, than Camila come in with a beautiful, controlled voice that really captures the lyrics she is singing before Dinah comes in with a breathy chorus for a catchy yet mature sound for their age. Ally comes in crooning her heart out with runs that are perfectly placed before Normani comes in later with vocals that show her vulnerability yet power. Finally Dinah comes in mixed with her already gorgeous chorus to place in some powerful notes that hit there marks perfectly while the whole song also has a continuous blend of beautiful harmonies from the 5 powerful singers. It's my opinion about how great this song since it is my favorite song of theirs and everyone has their own opinion but we have to give a huge amount of credit to these ...more

I love it I sing that song

I can relate to this song

46 I Lied

# Love this song.




47 Down

Best Catchy song ever

48 Scared of Happy


One of Fifth Harmony's bests. Camila, Ally and Normani's verses are amazing + the awesome bridge followed by them singing amazingly.

49 Red

Better than the original


50 Want U Back/With Ur Love
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