Best Fight or Flight Songs

Best songs by the side project band of mixed Disturbed and Evans Blue members, Fight or Flight.

The Top Ten

1 Leaving

The second song to be released from A Life By Design early, this song is brilliant and is much better and more special than First Of The Last in my opinion. Leaving is such an emotion-packed song, making it very powerful and special. The choruses are particularly gripping and special, and are the highlights of this great song. Also, when the song suddenly stops and the guitar and drums kick in, it is fantastic. Dan's guitarwork is fantastic, and those notes sounds similar in ways to a couple of riffs from a couple of big Disturbed singles, while also keeping individuality and being generally brilliant. Leaving is a clever and brilliant song. - EvilAngel

2 Emphatic
3 Eraser
4 If It Hurts

They r all good but if I had to listen to one right now it would b this one in fact I think I'm gonna do that - Cammybstud10

5 The Average
6 It's Over
7 First of the Last

This song is how I found FoF in the first place <3 :3

8 You Refuse
9 Sacrifice
10 Take a Shot

The Contenders

11 Shine
12 Tragedy
13 Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
14 A Void

If you want something nearer to Evans Blue then this is a good choice

15 Kim

This song is highly voilent truly makes fight...

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