Best Fighter Planes of World War II

If you were a fighter pilot during WWII and you're going to fly over Europe and the Pacific, you will be in dog fights. You will as an escort for bombers over Europe, and air to ground support in both theatres. You will also strafe ground targets and ships.

Which plane would you want to fly?

Things to consider: Top speed and maneuverability at high and low altitudes. Durability. Visability out of the cockpit. Safety. Armament. Range and overall flying performance.

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61 Arado AR-196

Best float plane of the war.

62 Henschel HS-129

Hand's down the best tank buster of the war, and the worlds first aircraft designed purely for this role.

63 Focke Wulf FW-200 Condor

Excellent Maritime patrol aircraft, heavy bomber, and transport. Adolf Galland himself stated that FW-200's escorted by ME-262's would have won the battle of Britain. Don't doubt it either. The structural issues it suffered when first converted to military use, were ironed out by the end of hostilities. Like the 109, there are many falsehoods masquerading as "well known facts" peddled by the numerous "historians" (paid armchair generals) to make the victors look good, and the losers look bad. Unfortunately for them, these simply don't hold up under scrutiny. In the end, the FW-200 was a great aircraft that performed all of it's roles well.

64 Junkers JU-287

The worlds first truly swept wing aircraft.

65 Focke Achgelis FA-223

The worlds first production helicopter, military helicopter, and helicopter gunship. :P

66 Arado AR-95
67 Sukhoi Su-35 Sukhoi Su-35

This thing has nothing to do with WW2

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