Republic P-47D Thunderbolt


The P-47 is the only fighter that did everything well. What did fighters do in WWII? Air to Air, Air to Ground, escort. The Tbolt was very good at all of these. Then add firepower (not just guns but underwing stores), pilot protection, and ruggedness and it's no contest. Any plane could do 1 or 2 things better, but no plane could do them all as well as the P-47!

Heard of the A-10 Warthog? Its less known nickname is Thunderbolt II, and its name is from the P-47. Known as the "Jug", the P-47 was one of the heaviest planes to fly by a single propeller engine, weighing around 5 tons when empty. However, it was incredibly fast at high altitude and in a dive, and had a fearsome armament. German pilots remarked it was something "you never wanted to be in front of." The P-47 was incredibly armored as well, with the ability to survive huge amounts of damage and fly home, and had an 18 cylinder R2800 engine, which could continue to work even with some cylinders completely destroyed. The P-47 could also perform ground attack roles, able to carry half the bombload of a B-17 in rockets and bombs. Its only flaws were poor maneuverability and decent range. Many pilots in Korea who flew P-51s for ground attack missions wished they could've flown the heavier and more armored P-47 instead, which was better suited for the role.

The p_47 was built to last it had 8 50cal machine guns, long range and carried a impressive payload not to mention it was one if the biggest fighters that could take hits and still fly! The 262 doesn't deserve to be on top of p-47 because it was introduced to late in the war and it was supposed to be a bomber Hunter, the allies could take out the 262 easily when it turned because it lost so much speed, thus making it a bad "fighter".

People say that the P-51 was good because it had range and maneuverability. It also had a lighter armament than the P-47 and the P-47 didn't have a weak-spot, and was multi-role. The "Jug" had the ability to attack ground targets with an extensive array of ordnance, defend itself from an enemy, and get the pilot home safely. The Jug was used as an escort fighter earlier in the war, a ground attack, etc.

This was the strongest fighter the allies had it is the hardest fighter to destroy and did remarkably well in dog fighting and strafing ground targets despite having low fuel range and being extremely heavy it was a good fighter

As I've read elsewhere, "If you want to look good in a picture you send home to your girlfriend, hop in a P-51. If you want to get the job done in combat and come home alive fly a P-47."

The P-47 was an absolute tank. These things came back to their airfields with multiple cylinder heads blown off, and multiple 20mm hits in the body and wings. German pilots actually disliked fighting them as the could take so much punishment and than punish you in the form of 8.50 cals. The could also carry bombs and rockets, making them versatile attack aircraft.

Workhorse of the war. Most under rated vehicle of its time. I know that the P51 was the Cadillac but give me a P47, chances are, I would come out of it to tell!

Did the most damage of any fighter of WWII. Escort, strafe, bomb and intercept. Best kill ratio, and best pilot retention. The "N" version even outperformed the 51 on long range escort. Climbed adequately after the new prop and dove like hell. Very tough and the R2800 might have been the best motor of the war, even able to take great damage and perform. Much better dog fighter than it looked like. I thought quad fifties were awesome. 47 had two of them.

It's number 0ne because it did everything well. Not the prettiest but the best. I found all this out by searching out it's history for myself. My father flew 106 missions in it with the 366th fighter group 391st squadron. He didn't talk much about it until later years. Then I found out it was even better.

It was a very rugged airplane that the Germans could empty their ammunition into without the plane going down.

The P47 was the toughest and most heavily armed single engine fighter took out some of Germany's top pilots before the Mustang arrived in theatre.

Basically it is a Flying Tank so I want to be in that when something puts a full load of ammo at you

Read "Thunderbolt" by Robert S. Johnson. You will vote for the "Jug" every time.

Radio engine, speed diving, eight fifty cal. Pilot friendly

The p-47 was essentially the plane of the future - its successors served well into the 60's with the South Vietnamese airforce etc Unlike the ME 262 it was produced in sufficient numbers to be a real weapon. D p

Save my Father in WWII no more said.

This plane should be higher on the list it had the most powerful engine and most fire power and to top that off it could take any kind of punishment. FASTEST, MEANEST, AND BIGEST

The jug is actually the best plane, it was the most multipurpose and could out kill anything in the skies, including the Me-262 you wheraboos. Can your 109/190 go mach and hold together?

No other fighter could do what the p47 did in ww2'bomber escort 'dogfighting'ground support 'the 47 did them all well ' it may have been the largest and heaviest fighter but it could roll with a 190 above 20000 and that is something a mustang could not do.It's 8 50 calibers gave it 33 percent more firepower than the stang and NO mustang could take the punishment a 47 could and stay in the air.It's magnificent Pratt and Whitney r2800 double wasp radial engine was the engine of the war not the merlin and pilots have told stories of returning home with 2 or 3 cylinders shot out.The pretty boy p51 was vulnerable to a single hit in a coolant line and undoubtedly responsible for many pilots becoming pow's.The air cooled thunderbolt had no such weakness and could absorb a staggering amount of lead and still bring it's pilot home.The greatest testimonial for the p47 being the best came from the pilots who flew her.IF YOU WANT TO GET THE GIRL FLY A P51' IF YOU WANT TO GET HOME TO YOUR GIRL FLY ...more

Like a flying tank. Read Robert S Johnson's book Thunderbolt. You will fall in love with this amazing warbird.

This plane was like a machined tool' fast' tough and a jack of all trades' it was the best of all of them for what it did' The big radial could have entire cylinders shot off it and still run like a top.It could take more battle damage and bring it's pilot home than any other fighter.The 56th fighter group when it was time to transfer to 51's refused and stayed with their t bolts.They had the highest air to air kills of all the fighter groups in Europe.A ace pilot said it best' IF YOU WANT TO GET THE GIRL FLY THE THE PRETTY BOY P51' IF YOU WANT TO GO HOME TO YOUR GIRL FLY A P47.

If one quote befits it let it be this: "Takes A Lickin' Keeps on Tickin'! "

One of fastest Warbirds of WW2 this monster could also take and give a hit with it's self ceiling fuel tanks and it's thick armour to protect the pilot. It used eight 50 calibre machine guns situated in the wings. This is the best WW2 warbird ever used!

The p-47 blew hundreds of m-109 and fw-190s out of the sky. Almost impossible to shoot down due to air cooled engines. More heavily armed 8 50 cal mg with more ammo. Fastest allied fighter in a dive. 7 of top 10 US aces in Europe flew jugs. Ask Rall and his 275 vivctories a p-47 shot him down. The 56th group had an 8-1 kill ratio in the air.