Best Fighters on Bad Girls Club

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1 Mehgan James

Damn! I didn't like her at all but I sure as hell respect we fight. This girl has got the heart of a lion when she targets someone (or a multitude of people in her case). Strong girl, mentally and physically for sure.

This is my favorite bad girl 100%! She took on two girls at once and has never lost any of her fights. She doesn't tolerate bad attitude and she's just so gorgeous.

Mehgan whooped half the cast she had to fight Rima like 3 times

Beating up rima and fallen at the same time

2 Ty Colliers

Season 1 is so underrated that people hardly even mention ty anymore. It’s sad because she was the best fight out of allllll the bad girls ever to be on the show. The way she handled Amie, she even gave amie a chance to get herself together. Most bad girls will hit a girl when they’re down but ty gave amie a chance and still rocked her

Ty can actually throw decent punches, all her hits connected in her fight with Aimee and it was one of the best fights in BGC history!

she was given the name atlanta boxer she literally fights like a professional boxer

Ty should be NUMBER one

3 Camilla Poindexter Camilla Poindexter is an American reality television personality and model. She is mostly known for her appearance on season eight of Oxygen's Bad Girls Club.

NINJA KICK! This girl does not only deliver a fierce punch but she's got them legs too! Her kicks have to be the best out of all the other bad girls.

She took it from every girl on season 8 and still beat them up Amy and Elease

This girl has long arms and she can really fight

I love her, she handled everyone

4 Christina Salgado

She literally beat Julie three times in one episode
She beat falen and taken is a PUNK
She beat rima more than once BY THE POOL ON THE CONCRETE and in one episode and beat blonde with only 2 punches and a kick.she can actually fight.

Don't let her beautiful face fool you. She is a fierce fighter, her hits to the face are lethal.

The best fighter because she actually aims while hitting and hits amazing.

My favorite bad girl of all time.

5 Florina Kaja

Just by looking at her you can tell she isn't someone to be messed with. She has so much strength that her punches are painful, she even broke Natalie's finger.

She's badass...She even beat Natalie and you could tell that the security was always on alert when Flo got into a fight.

She clowned them otha girls

6 Lea Lorraine
7 Angie Castillo

Angie proved that Priscilla wasn’t much of a fighter. Angie small and handled her ass at the reunion even when Shelly was grabbing her. Priscilla just fought judi that was why she won.

Always got jumped but did ha thang

Small but can fight

Wasn't scared of no one. TEAM ANGIE !

8 Raquel Santiago

She has so much strength, I would put her higher on the list if she stopped pulling hair.

Rocky gets jumped all the time and she still beat ass, she is so strong and she got hands

Throws straight punches

I don't know who she is lmaoo

9 Priscilla Mennella
10 Nastasia Townsend

Nastasia punched then hell out of Shelly and Tasha and it was so entertaining to watch! :,D

She was the best fighter on her season hands down!

She never pulled hair and through soild punches to the face

Whooped Shelly hands down

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11 Jelaminah Lanier

She doesn't pull hair she just punches and hard ones at that. She's quick too.

She mopped the floor with Jenna three times their was an unseen round

She throws the fasted and decent punches then we have ever seen

Should be higher my second favorite bar girl

12 Jennifer Hardwick

People didn't like her cause they think she bully Rocky but when
Rocky fought back rocky lost. Nikki u met you match at bgc10 reunion Jenn Vs Nikki can't hit nobody in think u not go get hit back that's why she was the best fighter on her season go Winner of all star battal and pretty face on bgc10

I look at Jenn as the cocky pretty girl that people don't look at as intimidating. When she fights though people better be scared as she delivers some harsh punches to the face.

Jenn was a strong girl she always held her own she beat rocky and Nicky the only reason people say she lost was because they dislike her

13 Erika Jordan

Erika is a powerful girl. When she hits she hits hard, I felt bad for rima and Julie when they got their ass whooped by her because I felt those hits dam!

Erika only fought only two girls but she slayed rima and nearly killed julie

Her blows look mad hard

How the hell ie erika not in front of rims

14 Seven Craft

Seven beat Kiki three times and she has long arms

Never lost a fight beat Kiki three times

She was ready to tear any one up

I love this girl and is the best tbh

15 Sarah Oliver

Popped Milyn and Gigi. ILYY

16 Tanisha Thomas

She’s the queen ofc


17 Briana Walker

Never lost a fight except once and kept it real

Wins every fight

18 Wilmarie Sena

She beat Nikki up 3 times and it was funny

19 Jada Cacchilli
20 Alyssa "Redd" Carswell

Redd is not the one to mess with she will mess u up

Why she so far down.

she deserves to be farther up

she is tough and she got hands and has an advantage in size.

21 Kandyce Hogan
22 Brynesha Seegers

Her vs Zee was epic she stomped tf outback of her gave a fb messed zee up

23 Elliadria

This girl got them hands

Beat ass and pretty

24 Nicole Vargas

Whooped Valentina twice and rocked Jenn at the reunion.

She whooped Jennifer’s ass at the reunion

25 Catya Washington

She have an unaired fight if that showed people would be putting her at top 12s at least because she never grab hair and she beat that girl for 5 minutes and there is also proof they got a little 3 second clip

She should be at least in the top 12 please put her there

She is so beautiful she never grabs hair

Why is rima even ahead of her

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