Top 10 Best Fights On Minecraft

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1 Huahwi vs xNestorio

That fight was very very AMAZING!

My god I love two of them I don't know who I will choose

That fight was AMAZING!

In Huahwi's livestream he made it to be the final 2 with xNestorio the UHC legend, but remember Huahwi is the MCSG legend anyways it was a good fight Huahwi won with 1 and a half hearts!

2 Huahwi vs Lovelights

In a game of MCSG Huahwi and Lovelights were the final 2 they fought a really good fight, but Huahwi won with half a heart!

3 StimpayPvP vs HattoWolf

StimpayPvP recorded a video of him facing HattoWolf in a pot pvp match StimpayPvP won this match with no pots remaining!

4 Huahwi vs ItsHackify

On Huahwi's livestream he was doing badlion 1v1s when suddenly he came upon this player called ItsHackify they went at this 1v1 hardcore! Huahwi still won with 2 and a half hearts!


These two legends have 1v1ed 2 times first time Huahwi winning with 3 hearts 2nd time TOXICWASTEII winning with 3 hearts!

6 StimpayPvP vs ComboDombo

To be honest this is the best on this list but the best in the world is stimpy vs verzide

In ComboDombos video he 1v1ed StimpayPvP a total of 3 times Kohi pvp styled, StimpayPvP won 2-1

7 Postinq vs JustSnoozy

In Postinq's video he was facing JustSnoozy at first they were trading equal hits in the middle JustSnoozy was owning Postinq in the end Postinq made a comeback and won!

8 Grapeapplesauce vs xBayani

Half a heart gg

One of the best fights I've seen at first xBayani owned Grapeapplesauce with the bow he's at 3 hearts meanwhile xBayani at 8 hearts now they go for a sword fight Grapeapplesauce gets the combo and wins!

9 ItsUndeadYT vs ItsHackify

In a game of MCSG ItsUndeadYT and ItsHackify are the only to left in a deathmatch they decide to settle this with a fist fight it looked like ItsHackify was winning but ItsUndeadYT made a comeback got a combo knocking ItsHackify off a 3 block high thing and causing ItsHackify to die, ItsUndeadYT winning at half a heart!

10 ItsUndeadYT vs Mr_Tenor_99

It was in a game of MCSG when ItsUndeadYT and Mr_Tenor_99 were the only 2 players left Mr_Tenor_99 had full iron armor diamond sword, ItsUndeadYT has full iron armor and an iron sword it was a clutch be ItsUndeadYT won!

The Contenders

11 Huahwi vs GrapeApplesauce

In which video did grape beat huahwi?

It was in one of Huahwi UHC video and it was intense except he wasnt close ti kill Grape and Grape took the win.

12 xNestorio vs BajanCanadian

He did duel Bajancanadian guy,except Xnestorio only won by Glitched so Bajancanadian wins that time.

13 xNestorio vs Tylarzz
14 Huahwi vs SuchSpeed (United UHC S1)
15 Huahwi vs Dfield
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