Top Ten Best Filipino Boxers of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao

The best among the rest... no doubt Pound for Pound, 8 division world champion, Fighter of the Decade... What more can you ask for...

The one and only 8 division champion no other can achieved and break his record.

The greatest boxer in the Philippine History - Orion101

2 Nonito Donaire Nonito Donaire

The Second Most achieved Filipino Boxer throughout the History P4P best, 5x world champion, Fighter of the Year... with a KO of the year! Go Flash! - Orion101

3 Flash Elorde Flash Elorde

A skilled boxer, and a cultural icon. You can't discuss Philippine Boxing History without mentioning his name. - Orion101

4 Pancho Villa Pancho Villa

One of the best Filipino boxer, pity he died so young...

"Francisco Guilledo" is his real name... he could have done such more at a young age...the 1st Asian champion and also one of the best flyweights ever in the history of boxing. - Orion101

5 Ceferino Garcia Ceferino Garcia

Middleweight chamapion... the most win record of all Filipino Boxers.. - Orion101

6 Donnie Nietes Donnie Nietes

2x world champion and the Longest reigning Filipino word champion...(Snake).🐍 - Orion101

7 Gerry Penalosa Gerry Penalosa

Remembering what he did to Jhonny González was painful...

8 Luisito Espinosa Luisito Espinosa
9 Rolando Navarrette Rolando Navarrette

BadBoy ~ Navarette such a terrifying opponent inside the ring :D - Orion101

10 Ben Villaflor Ben Villaflor
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