Best Filipino Rappers


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1 Sevenes

Best rapper of our time, pinoy hip hop to the fullest!

Sevenes all the way

One of the best! Thumbs up ako

I love his music!

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2 FrancisM

Yes franz, you're the MAN FROM MANILA! Your music lives on!...

We miss you bro

Filipino Legend in RAP

Man from Manila

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3 Andrew E.
4 Gloc 9

"What ever happened to the reasons of humanity? What ever happened to the fairness and equality? Instead of spreading love we are spreading annimosity, lack of understanding leading us away from unity" -apl. De. Ap - keyson

6 Loonie
7 Abra

He has the most annoying voice

8 Mike Kosa
9 Jamir Garcia
10 Sinio

Best FlipTop Emcee ever Sinio :) please pick him up :) thanks

The Contenders

11 Reg Rubio
12 Smugglaz
13 Michael V. Michael V. Beethoven del Valle Bunagan, known by his stage name Michael V. and also known as "Bitoy", is a Filipino comedian, actor, impersonator, director, composer, singer, rapper, voice artist and parodist, who appears in the GMA Network show Bubble Gang, and in his own TV show Pepito Manaloto.

Comedian yan siguro si Michael V.

14 Ron Henley
15 Denmark
16 Badang
17 Bassilyo
18 Ayeeman
19 Nathan J
20 Krazykyle
21 Anygma
22 Mike Swift
23 Bebe Riz
24 Flict G
25 Shehyee
26 Nasty Mac
27 Batas
28 Tokwa
29 Pochoy Labog
30 Frank Magalona
31 Syke
32 Reinmark

Because he is handsome and genius to rap at all times he didn't have any mistakes in his rappin and he so handsome

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