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1 Ruffian Ruffian

She would have pulled away from Foolish Pleasure! She was just gettin in gear when she brokedown.And people forget she could go a mile n a half! She could've beat Secretariat at any distance!

Amazing racehorse who always broke a record at every stakes race she won. Created a minus winning pool which no other horse has ever won, and never lost a race she finished - Gshayea_shandi

One of the best racehorse ever on dirt.

Ah...finally someone think that she is the best! - QueenOfRacing

2 Zenyatta Zenyatta

Amazing modern horse and the best since 2000 - Gshayea_shandi

3 Rachel Alexandra Rachel Alexandra

Great horse that broke many records and ran amazingly - Gshayea_shandi

4 Black Caviar Black Caviar

A great horse.She is not from America.So you guys probably hadn't heard of her.Google her and you will be amazed by how good she was. - QueenOfRacing

A great filly.She is not from America,that's why she is unfamous.She is a natural beauty racer.Good horse!

5 Busher Busher

Great horse from a while back - Gshayea_shandi

6 Lady's Secret Lady's Secret
7 Go for a Wand Go for a Wand

An amazing filly. She suffered the same injured as Ruffian. In the race,Go For A Wand took the lead. She started pulling away from the second horse. In a turn,I saw her limp to the ground head first. She fell hard and threw her jockey. Everyone rushed toward to check on the jockey. No one cared to take a look at her. The camera turned and I saw her got up and canter with her useless hoof dangled. Shock - QueenOfRacing

An also great filly who suffered the same injured as Ruffian. I saw the video. It was terrible. At first she was taking the lead,and then after awhile she pulled away and found another burst of speed. Then I saw her limped to the ground head first. The other jockeys acted like nothing happened. Her jockey fell to the ground hard. Although Go For A Wand seem to fall so hard,everyone rushed over to check on her jockey. The camera turned and I saw her trying to get up,and did it,cantering sideways with her useless hoof dangled. It scared me so much. such a poor champion filly.

8 Eight Belles
9 Personal Ensign
10 Genuine Risk Genuine Risk

The Contenders

11 Songbird

She won 11 races out of 12. Second to Beholder, the champion 6 yo mare. She got beaten by a nose.

12 Regret

First filly to win the Kentucky Derby (1915) - QueenOfRacing

13 Sunline Sunline

First Southern Hemisphere horse to top $10million in stakes earnings three-time Australian (2000-2002) four-time New Zealand (1999-2002) horse of the year 13-time Group 1 winnerT

14 Zarkava Zarkava

She is a really famous racehorse filly in France.She is not so famous in the world because she is not from USA.Not only horses from USA is good.Others are also good too! Maybe better than some racehorses in America.

Another great Z horse.She was born in France,which made her unfamous.She was blacked behind the other horses in all races,but she still managed to finish in first.Very impressive. - QueenOfRacing

15 Allez France

French Arc winner and first filly to win a million dollars - QueenOfRacing

16 Buckpasser

Won 15 consecutive races one of the greatest broodmare sires in history - QueenOfRacing

17 Goldsmith Maid

Famous harness racing mare of the 19th century - QueenOfRacing

18 Kincsem

Kincsem was the most successful Thoroughbred race horse ever, having won 54 races for 54 starts. Foaled in Kisber, Hungary in 1874, she is a national icon, and is revered in other parts of the world, too. Over four seasons she won all her races against both female and male company at various race tracks across Europe, a record still unbeaten. - QueenOfRacing

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1. Ruffian
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1. Ruffian
2. Rachel Alexandra
3. Zenyatta

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