Best Film Directors of the 2010s


The Top Ten

1 Denis Villeneuve Denis Villeneuve

Incendies, Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049 - Y2K

2 Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolan Christopher Edward Nolan is an English film director, producer, and screenwriter who holds both British and American citizenship. He is one of the highest-grossing directors in history, and among the most successful and acclaimed filmmakers of the 21st century.

Should be first.

Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar, Dunkirk - Y2K

3 Damien Chazelle Damien Chazelle

This man is truly something special. - iliekpiez

Whiplash, La La Land, First Man - Y2K

4 Jeff Nichols Jeff Nichols

Take Shelter, Mud, Midnight Special, Loving - Y2K

5 Martin Scorsese Martin Scorsese Martin Charles Scorsese is an American director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and film historian, whose career spans more than 53 years. He is best known for directing films such as Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, The Last Waltz, Raging Bull, The King of Comedy, After Hours, The Last Temptation of Christ, more.

Shutter Island, Hugo, The Wolf of Wall Street, Silence, The Irishman - Y2K

6 David Fincher David Fincher

The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl - Y2K

7 Taika Waititi Taika Waititi

Boy, What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Thor: Ragnarok, Jojo Rabbit - Y2K

8 Sean Baker Sean Baker

Starlet, Tangerine, The Florida Project - Y2K

9 Edgar Wright Edgar Wright

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The World's End, Baby Driver - Y2K

10 Ryan Coogler Ryan Coogler

Fruitvale Station, Creed, Black Panther - Y2K

The Contenders

11 J.J. Abrams J.J. Abrams

Super 8, Stark Trek Into Darkness, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars: Episode IX - Y2K

12 Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg Steven Allan Spielberg is an American director, producer, and screenwriter. He is considered one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era, as well as being viewed as one of the most popular directors and producers in film history.

The Adventures of Tintin, War Horse, Lincoln, Bridge of Spies, The BFG, The Post, Ready Player One - Y2K

13 Alejandro González Iñárritu
14 Nicolas Winding Refn

Drive, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon - Y2K

15 Wes Anderson Wes Anderson
16 Paul Thomas Anderson
17 Alex Garland

Dredd (unofficial), Ex Machina, Annihilation - Y2K

18 Dee Rees

Pariah, Bessie, Mudbound - Y2K

19 Hirokazu Kore-eda

I Wish, Like Father Like Son, Our Little Sister, Ishibumi, After The Storm, The Third Murder, Shoplifters, The Truth - Y2K

20 Patty Jenkins
21 Kenneth Lonergan
22 Mike Mills
23 Quentin Tarantino Quentin Tarantino Quentin Jerome Tarantino is an American film director, writer, and actor. His films are characterized by nonlinear story lines, satirical subject matter, an anesthetization of violence, extended scenes of dialogue, ensemble casts consisting of established and lesser-known performers, references to popular more.

Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Y2K

24 Rian Johnson

Looper, Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Y2K

25 Gareth Edwards

Monster, Godzilla, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Y2K

26 David O. Russell

The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Accidental Love, Joy - Y2K

27 Robert Zemeckis Robert Zemeckis

Flight, The Walk, Allied, Welcome to Marwen - Y2K

28 Luca Guadagnino

A Bigger Splash, Call Me By Your Name, Suspiria - Y2K

29 Andrew Haigh

Weekend, 45 Years, Looking, Lean on Pete - Y2K

30 Stephen Chbosky

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Wonder - Y2K

31 Steve McQueen Steve McQueen

Shame, 12 Years A Slave, Widows - Y2K

32 Deep Rees

Pariah, Bessie, Mudbound - Y2K

33 Tim Burton Tim Burton Timothy Walter Burton is an American film director, producer, artist, writer, and animator. He is known for his dark, Gothic, eccentric, and quirky fantasy films such as Beetle-juice (1988), Edward Scissor-hands (1990), the animated musical The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), the biographical film more.

Alice in Wonderland, Dark Shadows, Big Eyes, Frankenweenie, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

34 Joss Whedon

Marvel's The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron

35 Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Branagh

Cinderella, Thor, Murder on the Orient Express

36 Russo Brothers
37 Coen Brothers
38 Gary Ross
39 James Bobin

The Muppets, Muppets Most Wanted, Alice Through the Looking Glass

40 Dexter Fletcher

Eddie the Eagle, Wild Bill, Sunshine on Leith

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