Best Film Franchises that Got Worse After the First Movie

The Top Ten

1 Jaws

Dunno. Second was better than most sequels. After that, complete joke. Notice you didn't see Roy Scheider stick around after II.

2 National Lampoon
3 Jurassic Park
4 The Hangover
5 Friday the 13th

That’s impossible the sequels is what introduced Jason as the killer when he wasn’t even in the first one

6 Hannibal

The Silence Of The Lambs wasn't the first. Manhunter (1986). Staring William Petersen. Tom Noonan is Hannibal - westofohio

Some movies are so good, so near perfection, you need to leave them to stand alone. Godfather II was an exception. Three was a cartoon.

7 The Karate Kid
8 American Pie

It was impossible to make this movie worse than it was. Piece of crap, no matter how many times you try.

9 Scream
10 Poltergeist

The Contenders

11 Final Destination
12 Police Academy
13 A Nightmare on Elm Street
14 Saw
15 The Land Before Time
16 Meet the Parents
17 Psycho
18 The Neverending Story

Second movie was good, but not as good as the first. Definitely way better than the third one. - GehennaTheSecond

19 The Matrix
20 Scary Movie
21 Ghostbusters
22 The Swan Princess
23 Transformers
24 Pacific Rim
25 Paranormal Activity
26 Child’s Play
27 Halloween
28 Sharknado
29 Men in Black
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