Top Ten Greatest Film Industries

The Top Ten
1 Hollywood

Best movies in the world - Zab

2 Bollywood

Kajol number 1

Bollywood has it's unique style.
Even though it's not much realistic, you'll find a reason to watch it.
Amazing-Emotional-Mass-Larger Than Life films.
Simply #Bollywood - itsflashbuddy

3 Kollywood - Tamil Cinema

Such an amazing storyline it has but tollywood is better

Best of all. it contains movies like 2.0,bahubali 1&2,enthiran,I etc... best actors like vijay,rajini,kamal,ajith are here.

4 Nollywood - Nigerian Cinema
5 Tollywood - Telugu Cinema

The best because it contains the best actors
Like mahesh Babu ram charan and many more and also has the best movies

Movies like Babubali has changed the world it is hundred percent sure that tollywood should be number one

6 Chinese Film Industry
7 Mollywood - Malayalam Cinema
8 Cinema Of Pakistan
9 Kannada Cinema

Average only because there is kgf

10 Japan
The Contenders
11 Korea
12 Cinema of the United Kingdom
13 Algerian Cinema
14 Arab Cinema
15 Francesca Cinema
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