Best Films Covered on How Did This Get Made (1990s)

The Top Ten
1 Drop Dead Fred Drop Dead Fred Product Image
2 Deadfall (1993) Deadfall (1993) Product Image
3 Kazaam Kazaam Product Image
4 Don't Tell Her It's Me Don't Tell Her It's Me Product Image
5 Jack Frost (1998) Jack Frost (1998) Product Image
6 Ernest Goes to Jail Ernest Goes to Jail Product Image

A death row inmate Nash who happens to look like Ernest switches places with him while Ernest is serving jury duty as he is now in jail and Nash is free and plans to rob the bank Ernest works at meanwhile Ernest is unaware that he's being set to be executed in Nash's place via the electric chair.

This was a surprisingly dark entry for a franchise like Ernest.

7 A Gnome Named Gnorm A Gnome Named Gnorm Product Image
8 Abraxas - Guardian of the Universe Abraxas - Guardian of the Universe Product Image
9 Mr. Nanny Mr. Nanny Product Image
10 The Avengers (1998) The Avengers (1998) Product Image
The Contenders
11 Suburban Commando Suburban Commando Product Image
12 Welcome to the Dollhouse Welcome to the Dollhouse Product Image
13 Spice World Spice World Product Image
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