Top 10 Films to See In 2012

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1 The Dark Knight Rises

This film is great it has a great plot, great characters and a big boss fight to finish it off.

2 The Hunger Games

Are you SERIOUS! If you are going to go see a movie based on a book, go see this rather than waste your money on yet another Twilight movie. - Potato1029

This, Avengers, Dark Knight, Spiderman, The Hobbit, great action movies for 2012 (hope so, their are the last movies we are going to see) rg

This is the best movie ever nothing comperes way better then braking dawn part 2 and women in black because this has more action

3 The Avengers

This year has been (so far, this post is from May 11th) one of the best for movies that I have ever been around to see. The Avengers is as of now the best movie of the year, I think. The Woman in Black was terrific, The Cabin in the Woods was unexpectedly good, I do have to say that the Hunger Games was a movie worth seeing, and I personally loved Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. There are so many movies approaching too, I am quite exited to say the least! - BKAllmighty

Avengers is incredible. I watched it 4 times in theaters which never happens

4 Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2

Can't wait for the final film. I've seen the first part and it was really nice to see something quite different to the other 3 films. The end of it certainly leaves you wanting to see more for sure

The best film of vampire... Love, hate, exciting, proud, security, passion... All adjectives and more in only a film! We love Bella and Edward! Go Vampires

The twilight saga it's amazing and breaking dawn part 2 too. I love the love history of edward and bella and I want see Bella on vampire!

This final film will be amazing! Full of action and suspense! Not to mention more Emmett!

5 Big Time Movie!

Big time rush have made big time beach party, big time etc etc and each and everyone one of them has good actors, good singers and good scripts. Big time Movie takes my vote!

Of course big time rush! BTR is the best so far... I Love BTR and Logan henderson, kendall schmidt, carlos pena, and jame maslow!


Big Time Rush Rules my Heart I love Logan henderson
Los amo

6 The Lorax

I loved the lorax it was awesome

7 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I simply cannot WAIT for this to come out! Another epic adventure in Tolkien's Middle-Earth? That would be one of the best Xmas presents I would ever have.

Most exciting film of 2012, now The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Part 2) is out in the cinema. Part 2 is just as exciting as part 1. The Hobbit, is a book/film series for adventure seekers and fantasy fanatics. :P

"True courage is not deciding to take a life, but to spare one. " -Gandalf
Peter Jackson, you amazed me again. - Blubbydubber1

8 War Horse

Perhaps the greatest movie of all time. I didn't think much of it at first, but was very pleasantly surprised and found myself applauding when the credits began to roll. This is an extremely underrated movie and deserves much, much more.

9 The Amazing Spider-Man
10 Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom Product Image
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11 Spring Breakers
12 Skyfall

Daniel "Blond Bond" Craig is back!

Best of bond from. Craig



13 Ice Age 4: Continental Drift
14 The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

What the heck?! I hate this list. I had to vote to hate on this movie.

15 Snow White and the Huntsman Snow White and the Huntsman Product Image
16 The Woman In Black

Daniel Radcliffe! That's all... I am just gonna love it and I have no idea of what I should write in here. :S

It was scary and it was very classy. The locations of the shoot were very impressive. Potrayal of the woman in black was meticulous.

17 Katy Perry: Part of Me
18 Battleship Battleship Product Image

Absolutely stunning. Awesome firepower - EvilAngel

19 The Master
20 Ted Ted Product Image
21 The Grey The Grey Product Image
22 The Pirates: In An Adventure With Scientists
23 Hotel Transylvania
24 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Product Image
25 Brave (Pixar)
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