Top 10 Films the User Alphaq Hates but Everyone Else Likes

The ones I don't hate that much will be marked as DHTM

The Top Ten

1 Titanic

Ugh, this movie...just...UGH

This is it. Time to go to opinion jail! - AlphaQ


2 Gone With The Wind

I don't know why I hate this film? I honestly don't know why. - AlphaQ

How is it bad then clever clogs

Never seen it - PeeledBanana

OH NO YOU DIDN'T - 445956

3 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Fine you get it. I LOATHE 97% of all War movies. Too dramatic and hideous plot and acting. Way too cheesy. - AlphaQ

This film was awful. It's just a depressing mess. 2/10 - AlphaQ

Like it

4 Schindler's List

The only movie I like about History is The Shaw shank Redemption and nothing else. - AlphaQ


5 Saving Private Ryan

I knew this would be here - jack2244

Love it - jack2244

6 The Green Mile

I knew this would be here - jack2244

Love it - jack2244

7 The Fox and the Hound

It's fine

8 Casablanca


9 The Lion King

I don't even hate this film that much. I dislike it more than I like it (thanks, evil older brother for ruining it) - AlphaQ

Overrated but good

How dare you!

Love it - PeeledBanana

10 Toy Story 3

Finally someone who agrees with me. - darthvadern

This movie was just a cash-grab. - Drawbox

Very good

Love it - PeeledBanana

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