Top Ten Films Which Feature Names in the Title


The Top Ten

1 Saving Private Ryan
2 Cool Hand Luke

I know, right? "Some men you just' cain't reach." ;). - Britgirl

"What we got hea is failure to communicate.";).

3 Bridget Jones' Diary

Don't know how a gal from Texas ever pulled it off.

4 When Harry Met Sally
5 Me, Myself and Irene
6 Charlotte's Web (1973)
7 Lawrence of Arabia
8 Bambi
9 Dumbo
10 Edward Scissorhands

The Contenders

11 Alfie
12 Oliver & Company
13 Gordy
14 Finding Nemo
15 Rosemary's Baby
16 Finding Dory
17 Along Came Polly
18 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
19 Alice in Wonderland
20 Mary Poppins
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