Top Ten Best Films to Win Best Animated Feature

The Top Ten

1 Shrek

It went a big downhill on Shrek 3 and 4, I did like the 1st and second more, but these films are great.

Movies great because it has a great voice cast and has been made to be great in 5 years

Shrek is love, shrek is life and its #1

It's better than all the Pixar and Dreamworks movies

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2 Spirited Away
3 Wall-E
4 Finding Nemo

Love the plot and fish

Deserves number one - PeeledBanana

5 Up

Best movie of all time

6 Toy Story 3

Like Up this film is worthy to win best animated feature because they both were also nominated for best picture but I think that they should have won best picture even if it had better nominees like the hurt locker or inception but some how I feel animation should deserve more respect but they show it as a kid thing but it's not I mean you could really make a great movie with animation and like Brad Bird said animation is not a genre it's a artform/medium because if up or toy story 3 had won best picture it could prove the people that say that it is a genre wrong I mean even if it is not live action you still can make an amazing film with animation what do you guys think.

7 The Incredibles

Won more awards out of every animated movie

Best superhero movie ever

8 Big Hero 6

This movie is great and it made me cry

Better than The Lego Movie and How to train your dragon 2

Better than any of pixar films pixar is rubbish

9 Inside Out

I'm voting for this because unlike Peanuts Movie (a good movie), Over the Hedge (also good), and Home (let's not talk about it), this one actually got the well-deserved award.

Just won this oscar and it was well-deserved


10 Ratatouille

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11 Rango
12 Brave
13 Frozen

It won on the sheer fact it had a disney logo

It's great because of the characters

Frozen is the best movie for kids

Definitely deserves that win

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14 Zootopia
15 Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit
16 Sleeping Beauty

It's animation is love. Lo

17 Happy Feet
18 The Peanuts Movie

This didn't win anything you morons!

19 Over the Hedge

Wasn't nominated

20 Home

How is this higher than Inside Out? This didn't win anything, and Inside Out actually won!

Dreamworlds liked 2015

21 The Good Dinosaur

Wasn't nominated

22 Minions
23 Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
24 The Angry Birds Movie
25 SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
26 Shark Tale
27 Fantasia


28 Batman: The Killing Joke
29 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
30 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
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