Top Ten Films with a Colour in the Title


The Top Ten

1 The Green Mile

This is good. - Ned964

2 Single White Female
3 The Pink Panther
4 White Fang
5 Men in Black
6 The Blues Brothers
7 The Green Berets
8 Moulin Rouge
9 Pink Cadillac
10 A Clockwork Orange

Not Kubrick's best I will concede, but I've got a friend that thinks anything Kubrick has done is without flaw, so I've tried to grasp what he sees that I'm apparently missing. I think I've seen this film enough now, because there is much that frustrates me. Still, there is the great camera work and sets that have become Kubrick's calling cards. - Ned964

Very disturbing scene. You shouldn't give it a chance then. I respect you for that. And I will admit it's even difficult for me to bring up that scene at any point, if we are talking about the same one. The movie didn't need the scene. As I say, I doubt I'll watch it again, and now I can say to you the scene I'm referring to is a big reason why. - Ned964

The Contenders

11 Red Rock West

Not bad for an HBO film, Dennis Hopper is darkly humorous. - Ned964

12 Purple Rain

I never really liked this, but as a vehicle to slip in a vote, it's suitable... - Ned964

13 Old Yeller

I've never heard of this film but I love the cleverly tenuous connection to this list. Thank you for adding. - Britgirl

I voted for this yesterday. Very clever, whoever added it. - Ned964

14 Soylent Green

I can barely remember it. Not very good as I recall - Ned964

15 Black Mass

Johnny Deep did a decent job here, better than I expected anyway. It drags in parts. - Ned964

16 The Hunt for Red October

I like it. Not the best Jack Ryan film, but I can handle re-watching it - Ned964

17 Blue Thunder
18 How Green Was My Valley
19 White Palace
20 Fried Green Tomatoes

I had meant to add this, then I spaced it. Good to see it was added - Ned964

21 Gray Lady Down
22 Bad Day at Black Rock
23 Blue Steel
24 Red River
25 The Scarlet Letter
26 The Red Badge of Courage
27 The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934)
28 Days of Wine and Roses
29 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
30 Silver Linings Playbook
31 Silver Streak
32 GoldenEye
33 Blue Velvet

David Lynch has plenty of, hmm, off the beaten path films, and although its been some time since I've seen this, I think I remember it qualifies as such. - Ned964

34 Electra Glide in Blue

Barely remember it. Not too bad as I recall. A young Robert Blake, long before all his legal woes... - Ned964

35 The Color Purple

Great flick although terribly sad and depressing. One of Spillberg's early work. - ParasN2000

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