Top Ten Films with a Colour in the Title


The Top Ten

1 The Green Mile

This is good. - Ned964

2 Single White Female
3 The Pink Panther
4 White Fang
5 Men in Black
6 The Blues Brothers
7 The Green Berets
8 Moulin Rouge
9 Pink Cadillac
10 A Clockwork Orange

Not Kubrick's best I will concede, but I've got a friend that thinks anything Kubrick has done is without flaw, so I've tried to grasp what he sees that I'm apparently missing. I think I've seen this film enough now, because there is much that frustrates me. Still, there is the great camera work and sets that have become Kubrick's calling cards. - Ned964

Very disturbing scene. You shouldn't give it a chance then. I respect you for that. And I will admit it's even difficult for me to bring up that scene at any point, if we are talking about the same one. The movie didn't need the scene. As I say, I doubt I'll watch it again, and now I can say to you the scene I'm referring to is a big reason why. - Ned964

The Contenders

11 Red Rock West

Not bad for an HBO film, Dennis Hopper is darkly humorous. - Ned964

12 Purple Rain

I never really liked this, but as a vehicle to slip in a vote, it's suitable... - Ned964

13 Old Yeller

I've never heard of this film but I love the cleverly tenuous connection to this list. Thank you for adding. - Britgirl

I voted for this yesterday. Very clever, whoever added it. - Ned964

14 Soylent Green

I can barely remember it. Not very good as I recall - Ned964

15 Black Mass

Johnny Deep did a decent job here, better than I expected anyway. It drags in parts. - Ned964

16 The Hunt for Red October

I like it. Not the best Jack Ryan film, but I can handle re-watching it - Ned964

17 Blue Thunder
18 How Green Was My Valley
19 White Palace
20 Fried Green Tomatoes

I had meant to add this, then I spaced it. Good to see it was added - Ned964

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