Top Ten Films with the Sexiest Cast

This is a list of films with a lot of ridiculously Attractive women and men. Films that if you didn’t like the story at least you enjoyed all the eye candy.

The Top Ten

1 Avengers: Infinity War

With 23 actors I’m sure you will find the right eye candy for you and here still the story is really good. - Sa26

2 Troy

Ok here the story is not that good but it’s not horrible either well depending on how demanding are you. - Sa26

3 Justice League

I liked the movie.

I don’t believe Marvel fans should hate DC or the other way around and even though many critics didn’t like it, I did and so I did I enjoyed the eye Candy very much and I bet you will do too.

With 5 male leading stars it’s to not like at least one of them. - Sa26

4 Ocean's Eleven

Brad Pitt, George Clooney And Mat Damon in one movie that’s super sexy. - Sa26

5 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

This more eye Candy for teenage girls but still it’s a film with eye Candy for at least for a niche audience. - Sa26

6 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Like twilight the eye Candy is more targeted to the 15 to maybe 22 year old gals but if the Candy is not for you well you have a pretty good story to enjoy. - Sa26

7 The Other Boleyn Girl

Two gorgeous actresses fighting for a super hot king - Sa26

8 Fifty Shades of Grey

The cast looks okay, but the film sounds yucky. - girlcool

9 Fantastic Four
10 The X Men

The Contenders

11 Wild Things
12 The Hot Spot
13 Bound
14 Palmetto
15 Black Panther
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