Top Ten Best Filthy Frank Characters

Who are the best of the Filthiest people in the universe?

The Top Ten

1 Pink Guy

A lovable prankster. - SumRandomSun

Let's face it, when you think of Papa Franku, Pink Guy is who you're really thinking about

My favorite

Cen sumbudy gibe de pusi please!

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2 Filthy Frank

Too damn filthy - RedAce66

He's the main soul of the show. - SumRandomSun

He is the star of the show pink guy is a sid-kick and everyone eles is just a character for the show nothing more nothing less

It's just a prank bruh! - mtndewlord

3 Salamander Man

Very talented with the nostril recorder and overall funny amphibian. - SumRandomSun

He is the best Ass-Flute player

The king of the amphibians! Nyesss :3 - SumRandomSun

4 Chin-Chin

The Dark Lord of the universe. - SumRandomSun

Chin chin is the most great anime frank character

Ore wa! Oh Chin-Chin daiskye nandoyo! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Ore wa o Chin Chin ga daisuki nandayo. Ore wa o Chin Chin ga daisuki nandayo. Ore wa o Chin Chin ga daisuki nandayo. Ore wa o Chin Chin ga daisuki nandayo! - cpastena

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5 Red Dick

Filthy Frank and Pink Guy's filthy sidekick. - SumRandomSun

6 Dade

Filthy Frank's proud father and devoted friend. - SumRandomSun


7 Mr. Magic Man

A lycra that can speak fluent English and perform magic. - SumRandomSun

8 T*t Job Specialist

The one and only man who single-handedly beat Prometheus up when the former was in his man-period. He has the power to launch blazing rockets at his opponents. - SumRandomSun

9 Politikz Politikz

He brought back real hip-hop in a generation of bad millennial crap. - Swellow

He brought real hip hop back to its true form. - SwagFlicks

He brought real hip hop back - mtndewlord


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10 Safari Man

The Contenders

11 Red Ranger

Pink Guy's father and a really cool dancer! - SumRandomSun

12 Santa's Brother
13 Prometheus
14 Weeaboo Jones

He's dead though - mtndewlord

15 Black Friend

Pink Guy's incredibly musically talented sidekick and trustworthy friend. He is an amazing screecher and lives in the disgusting filth realm alongside Dade and HURSHES KiSess. - SumRandomSun

16 Jingle Balls
17 Lemon
18 Imposter Frank

He took over TVFilthyFrank for the entire year of 2016, he deserves some credit - mtndewlord

19 Plastic Pinocchio
20 George "Joji" Miller

The real creative force behind it all - mtndewlord

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