Top Ten Best Filthy Frank Characters

Who are the best of the Filthiest people in the universe?
The Top Ten
1 Pink Guy

Let's face it, when you think of Papa Franku, Pink Guy is who you're really thinking about

A lovable prankster.

Cen sumbudy gibe de pusi please!

Ey b0ss, can I habe de #1 spot please?

2 Filthy Frank

He's the main soul of the show.

Too damn filthy

It's just a prank bruh!

He is the star of the show pink guy is a sid-kick and everyone eles is just a character for the show nothing more nothing less

3 Salamander Man

Very talented with the nostril recorder and overall funny amphibian.

Nnyeess (says while rubbing nips and playing nose flute)

He is the best Ass-Flute player

The king of the amphibians! Nyesss :3

4 Chin-Chin

Chin chin is the most great anime frank character

"Ore wa o Chin Chin ga daisuki nandayo! " - This phrase changed your life, and you know it!

The Dark Lord of the universe.

Ore wa! Oh Chin-Chin daiskye nandoyo!

5 Red Dick

Filthy Frank and Pink Guy's filthy sidekick.

6 Dade

Filthy Frank's proud father and devoted friend.

7 Mr. Magic Man

A lycra that can speak fluent English and perform magic.

8 T*t Job Specialist

The one and only man who single-handedly beat Prometheus up when the former was in his man-period. He has the power to launch blazing rockets at his opponents.

9 Safari Man
10 Red Ranger

Pink Guy's father and a really cool dancer!

The Contenders
11 Weeaboo Jones

He's dead though

12 Politikz PolitikZ is an internet rapper that appeared in 'BAD INTERNET RAPPERS', where he was an experiment carried by Dr. Filthy. He has 42 soundcloud followers and resides in the Filthy Frank PHD Research Lab located in Bautista (Chin-Chin Territory). He also has a record contract with Underground Recordz.

He brought back real hip-hop in a generation of bad millennial crap.

He brought real hip hop back to its true form.

He brought real hip hop back

He is the greatest.

13 Prometheus

Can beat up chin chin

14 Santa's Brother
15 Black Friend

Pink Guy's incredibly musically talented sidekick and trustworthy friend. He is an amazing screecher and lives in the disgusting filth realm alongside Dade and HURSHES KiSess.

16 Jingle Balls

Batsu game loser

17 Lemon
18 Imposter Frank

He's still responsible for a bunch of good iconic filthy frank videos

He took over TVFilthyFrank for the entire year of 2016, he deserves some credit

19 George "Joji" Miller

The real creative force behind it all

20 Wheelz
21 Pookie

Not only did he help et when he was attacked by brock lee he sacrificed his life for him. he's an average crawfish racer and he's able to die mutiple times

And he gets killed in every Frankisode

22 Plastic Pinocchio
23 Brock Lee
24 Green Guy

Pink Guy's rival

25 Mr. Negi

Yeeted chin chin

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