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Here is a list of Mario games with (in my opinion) the most epic final battles against the one and only King Bowser Koopa, who has kidnapped the princess many times over the years, and Mario has always rescued her and defeated the evil Koopa King in many different ways, so let's pay tribute in this countdown (technically, count-up).

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1 Super Mario 64

This game has one of the few Bowser battles that are actually hard. The first two battles aren't too bad, where you have to make him hit only one spike bomb. In the third and final battle you have to slam him into three spike bombs, which can be pretty difficult. When swinging Bowser around it's hard to tell where you're going throw him unless you're close to a spike bomb. After two hits Bowser will make sections of the platform fall off and make it look like a star which makes it even more challenging. Bowser looks weird like most other enemies in the game and the music also sounds kinda creepy. But altogether it's a pretty interesting Bowser battle.

It's a little basic and the others are more epic. my best Bowser battles must have something epic like armor in paper jam or just powers like in dream team

Not hard any more

2 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Despite being so easy, this battle is beyond amazing. You're fighting an absolutely enormous bowser while free falling through a black hole, pummeling meteors at him while what is possibly the greatest final boss theme of all time is playing in the background.

I beat this in, like, 10 seconds (not that I counted). It's, without question, the easiest final boss from any video game, in my opinion. Too bad that an epic orchestral song with a choir got wasted on such a pathetic final boss.

The Bowser was enormous and the graphics were so good. This is easily the most creative boss fight in mankind although really easy.

This is my favorite Mario game. I love that they did a different setting instead of the Mushroom Kingdom.

3 New Super Mario Bros. U

This is the best. NSMB Wii isn't as good as everyone says in my opinion

Finally the button doesn't save Mario's butt this time! Yes! Something new! Plus you see Bowser in his shell in this game! Bowser has so many attacks!

I'm not into how the battle goes. I'm into that MUSIC!

Overrated. Not as fun as people say. It's too easy.

4 Super Mario Galaxy

He's mean, he's green and he knows how to make a scene. Bowser is one of mine and worlds most favored video games of all time. sure Mario 64 was good, but galaxy was better. music is epic and battle is awesome. this does NOT mean I don't like super Mario 64.

This is my all time favorite boss!

The Fate Of The Universe...

I really like this boss because it takes EVERYTHING you’ve learned throughout the game, spinning, jumping, etc. And uses it for a final boss as amazing as ever!

5 Super Mario 3D Land

It's a close race between Bowser, and it gets your heart pumping. You have to move fast in the end, which is both hard and fun!


Babe this is the best boswer fight on a device. Just interesting and very surprising as you run from boswer in the end

The music the special fire balls the slow motion death allπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

6 New Super Mario Bros. Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii Product Image

It starts out as the classical fight in Super Mario Bros, then it turns into an escape from a gigantic Bowser! EPIC!

The same as the classics until Bowser turns into a GIGA BOWSER and crushes everything. More of a stage but still awesome

Classic at first but then becomes unique when Bowser turns really BIG! Really great battle.

Who Could Not Forget This Level When He Is Giga Bowser!

7 Super Mario World

This Bowser battle is well-known for introducing the Koopa Clown Car. That thing used to scare me when it got angry and started to try and crush me. This is also one the first battles I've had with Bowser.

I love the amazing theme song for the first part of the battle

This guy was easy but awesome

I like Super Mario World

8 Yoshi's Island

How can you not like this final battle? You have to defeat a scary gigantic Baby Bowser before rams right into you! Also lets not forget the totally epic battle music.

Kamek's dialogue, "Honey, I enlarged the baby... and deflated a gamer's psyche! " No seriously, I had nightmares about that fight!


9 Super Mario Bros. 3

Easily my favorite Bowser battle from the original four. What makes this fight my favorite is the fact that he engages you in combat. It took me years to beat him!

10 Super Mario 3D World

By far the best Bowser battle I have ever experienced. Everything from the concept, to the intensity, to the setting, and even the music was basically perfect.

It's a real Cat fight

Bowser turns into a cat. Enough said.

Talk about bad kitty

The Contenders

11 Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy

Tough fight. Good music. Epic. Pretty long. Astonishingly amazing.

12 Super Mario Bros.

It's Awesome you first have to go in his castle and jump over lava, dodge fire balls, and hop on plates that start falling when you land on them and they look like cakes. The background is so cool. All that is nothing compared to Bowser even his hallway is awesome with fireballs coming at you. And Bowser is so cool the first part is kind of cool with Bowser trying to stomp on you and breath fire balls but once you make him fall down you think its over and your disappointed until you find A big and funny surprise that what it looks Peach in cage but its really the which who with magic makes Bowser huge and you have to escape through the wall and keep running and when there is no wall just lava and a few plates so you have to run while Bowser is breathing fire trying to jump on you and if you miss a plate you fall in the lava. Lot of stuff to do Mario Good luck

Whoever typed the first comment here is talking about New Super Mario Bros Wii

Lame you just have to run or throw a couple of fire balls

13 Bowser - Super Mario 64


14 Bowser - Super Mario World
15 Bowser - Super Mario 3D World
16 Paper Mario

The best Final Bowser Battle. Seriously. In most games Bowser is more often than not, a joke. Paper Mario shows the inner villain in him, Showing what he's capable of, and how deadly he can be

17 Bowser - Super Mario 3D Land
18 Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy 2
19 Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey Product Image

You punch him with his hat. I don't think that the previous sentence made sense to you, but it will after you fight him.

By far the coolest and best!

It is an encredible final boss fight. I do not know how Nintendo did this.

He is easiest jere

20 Bowser - Super Mario Bros 3
21 Super Smash Bros Melee

I remember bowser at the end of Adventure mode

And with this battle, a legend begins...

22 Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Product Image

There we go! This one's the best! Bowser gets to see how strong he actually is. Plus Fawful's inside of Dark Bowser! I'm done. This battle's just lit.

This isn't a final Bowser battle! You're playing as Bowser while battling a darker clone of himself!

Although you battle against Dark Bowser and play as the real Bowser, this battle is still cool.

23 New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS) New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS) Product Image

This battle is TERRIBLE It's just a lazy remake of New Super Mario Bros Wii all you do in this battle is: Jump on platforms to avoid the rising lava, Jump over fireballs from the bowser faces on the wall, And avoid Bowser's VERY SLOW claws. They were not even trying!

How is it a copy if it's made by the same creators?

Kind of a copy of the Wii version

Yeah okay but it's a copycat

24 Bowser - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
25 Super Mario Maker

This battle is awesome because you can do what ever you want. From giving him wings, to stacking him on all enemies.

I remember making bowser as a boss on castle levels I made

You can make bowser do anything you want!

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