Top Ten Final Fantasy 7 Characters That Should Be In Ground Series

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1 Cloud Strife Cloud Strife

Cloud gets grounded for ruining Marlene's birthday party by wearing a hideous ripoff Elsa, from Frozen, costume.

Younger Cloud gets grounded for not getting Younger Tifa from the bridge on time and Tifa fell off the bridge and caused her to grow larger breast as a result.

Cloud and the others gets grounded for getting rid of Zack And Cody and took over Suite Life Of Zack and Cody.

Gets grounded for twerking in front of Vincent.

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2 Vincent Valentine Vincent Valentine

Vincent accidently let's Barret's parrot, Carrot lose out of the cage opened and gets grounded.

Vincent grounds Tyro for not being in Final Fantasy Record Keeper game.

Vincent steals Cloud's clothes and gets grounded.

Vincent gets grounded for letting Marlene's balloon to fly away while doing Advent Children reanactment

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3 Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie screams at a crying baby ina movie theater and gets grounded

Yuffie sells Vincent's coffin on eBay and gets grounded.

Yuffie sleeps in Vincent's coffin and gets grounded.

Yuffie Changes Cid's Dukes Of Hazzards and gets grounded

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4 Cait Sith Cait Sith

Cait Sith steals Yuffie's job by stealing materia gets grounded

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5 Red VIII

Red XIII ate all of the Disney Channel stars and grounded.

Red 13 ate Big Bird from Sesame Street and gets grounded

Red XIII ate the baby birds and gets grounded.

Red ate Big Chocobo from Secter 3 Street show and gets grounded

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6 Barret

Barret gets grounded for stealing Vincent's lines, Trademark clothing especially the cape and band, sleeps in Vincent's coffin and impersonate Vincent.

Barret tries out on Vincent's cape, doing Vincent's voice impression and gets grounded.

Barret switches his gun arm for Vincent's gauntlet and gets grounded.

Barret stink up the the whole bathroom and gets grounded.

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7 Aeris

Aeris dates Cloud and gets grounded.

Aeris swears like Cid and gets grounded.

8 Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart

Tifa shows up in Suite Life Of Zack and Cody world without Avalanche gang and gets grounded.

Younger Tifa gets implants and gets grounded

Baby Tifa gets blamed and grounded for throwing a can to Baby Cid.

Tifa gets grounded for saying Dilly Dally Shilly Shally too many times.

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9 Cid Highwind

Could trades Cloud's buggy for a Duke Of Hazzard's General Lee Car and gets grounded

Cid gave Barret's parrot, Carrot a cigarette nicotine and gets grounded.

Cid calls Palmer fat and gets grounded.

Cid forces the Avalanche to watch Dukes Of Hazzards and gets grounded

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10 Sephiroth

Sephiroth grounds the whole Final Fantasy 7 gang for causing his sword the cut his rubber ducky, Henry John Smith the 24th in half after getting distracted by flashing cameras taking his bath.

Younger Sephiroth taunts Younger Cloud over phonics and gets grounded.

Sephiroth stab Donald Duck and gets grounded.

Sephiroth kills Aerith and gets grounded.

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11 Marlene

Gets grounded for killing Barney with Vincent's gun

Marlene made Caillou get drunk in the bar and gets grounded

Marlene gets drunk at the bar ands grounded.

Marlene wonders off from Midgar with Dora the Explorer and gets grounded

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12 Kadaj

Gets grounded for being overly hot

Gets grounded for asking people where Jenova is

13 President Rufus

President Rufus steals Vincent's rubber Ducky and gets grounded.

14 Zack Fair Zack Fair

Zack wake Vincent up after opening his coffin and gets grounded.

Zack annoys Sephiroth with his squats and gets grounded.

15 Loz

Loz cries like a baby a lot and gets grounded.

16 Yazoo

Gets grounded for being too cool

17 Reno

Reno gets grounded for stepping on Aerith's flower bed

Reno hits on Tifa and gets grounded.

Reno insult three renment brothers about Their mom and gets grounded.

Reno gets grounded for running around naked all over Shinra Headquarters.

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18 Rude

Rude Impersonate as Pit Bull and gets grounded.

19 Elena
20 Tseng
21 Denzel

Denzel swears while playing Final Fantasy 7 and gets grounded.

Denzel insult weapon about it's mom and gets grounded.

22 President Shinra

President Shinra steals all the mako for his waterpark and gets grounded.

President Shinra Destroys the plate sector 7 and gets grounded.

23 Palmer

Palmer steals the lard company and gets grounded.

24 Johnny
25 Wedge
26 Biggs
27 Jessie
28 Professor Hojo

Hojo made a Creepypasta Final Fantasy 7 and gets grounded.

Hojo experiments on Caillou and gets grounded

Hojo Experiment on Vincent and gets grounded.

Hojo tries to experiment on Aeris and Red 13 and gets grounded.

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29 Genesis
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