Final Fantasy X


Really, REALLY good story. Beautiful looking game. Neat, believable characters. Awesome Grid System leveling up. Beautiful summons. Lovely soundtrack. Human, believable, non 'super cool' lead hero and heroine who are actually nice, likeable people struggling to figure things out (even if they do laugh a little weird). It probably has the most interesting world of any Final Fantasy.

I was just a 7 year old kid when I played this the firs time, but this story is beyond anything I've ever experienced in any other video game ever. I'm so attached to it that it's crazy. The music is memorable, the characters are realistic, and the love story is beautiful. I wish it never ended. I just hope I see Tidus and Yuna more in the future.

The story is the best story in a game I have ever played. full with plot twists and interesting details. The characters are not to be beaten, with maybe tidus a little bit off with great character development. The design is incredible, it is a great landscape. The soundtrack: BEST SOUNDTRACK EVER

I have never cried so uncontrollably over a game before in my life, and I consider myself pretty "stone hearted", heck even I was surprised the ending would hit me that hard. Perfect Music, awesome story, epic characters... you name it, this game has got it all. Oh, you want to know what the embodiment of beauty is? It's Yuna!

This games story touched my heart, it breaks away from the other games where you fight to save the world, instead you fight to save whats LEFT of the world, and lets face it, if you don't like the characters you LOVE the characters, the graphics are awesome for its time and the Music is epic!

This Final Fantasy game was my first FF main series game, and boy it did not disappoint. It was brilliant, heart wrenching, beautiful, and smart. The characters in it were so layered they felt as if they were real. Each dealt with different realities they had to face and the worst one of all was Tidus. Tidus is a brilliant and relatable main character he's very funny, cheerful, optimistic, and naive. However even though he's a bit naive it's his growth that is astonishing. During the story he learns so much about reality exploring the world of Spira with his companions. The world of Spira was so similar to the real world, except you know with giant monsters. It dealt with faith, love, self-worth, sacrifice, duty, growing up, and family.

Absolutely LOVED this game! The aeon system was great, but the storyline was by far the best out of any Final Fantasy or any other game I've played. The Development, plot twists, and real-world religious references just made the storyline behind this game the best I've yet to see

An amazingly beautiful story and anyone who says otherwise has obviously never seen or heard of it before. You can feel so emotionally connected with all of the characters, whether your feelings be love, sympathy, or animosity. No Final Fantasy can ever compare to the amount of emotional scenes, music and just the amazingly beautiful landscapes. Final Fantasy X.
The best Final Fantasy there is.

this is a GREAT game from squaresoft the charecters(my favorites we're wakka rikku and yuna) the graphics, ans the storyline were all VERY well made and this game should obviously NUMBER 1 for many reason

This game has alway been my favorite for the beautiful music to amazing graphics I have beaten this game time and time again because of the amazing story and amazing characters this will go down and one of my favorite games

I'm disgusted! FFX is obviously the #1 best FF game EVER! The story line rocks, and the sphere grid is the most unique way to level up characters I've ever seen. FFX RULES!

While I see the argument towards FF VII being the best final fantasy game, I personally think that X exceeds it. VII was the game that basically started the 3D RPG craze, and kudos to it for that. However, I think that people let nostalgia get in the way of their ability to judge FFX fairly. I think that if people put nostalgia aside, X would be ranked #1 on this list not #2.

This is the first video game that made me cry, It almost tied with ff 7 but it has voice acting and graphics were better. Its just awesome, the characters, storyline, gameplay, EVERYTHING

This game made my childhood.

Not only my favourite FF it's my favourite game of all time. The only game that's come close is Kingdom Hearts 2.

Meets and exceeds all standards created by FFVII. Great game! This has a great love story with an undertone of a father-son struggle.

Because it deserves number ONE! There is no beating this storyline and the cutscenes were stunning at the time and still stack up pretty well even by todays standards.

Having played every FF that has come out, I think that FFX is the best. The characters, story, graphics, music, it's just perfect. It should be number 1.

The purely turn-based battle system ends up being faster than both the turn-based original games and the ATB Super Nintendo and PS1 games. The game is still a sight, and with its crazy colors, it provided a nice contrast to the grey and black of some of the other games. The characters are great. I think that FF6 had a bigger story and was probably a bit better in that regard, but the rest of the game balances it out. This is just the one I have the most fun with.

Bring so much memories for real, the story is just beautiful and very memorable.. If only they would remaster or remake the game.. I would be really happy.

This game is just amazing. It is the first FF game I haver ever played and the reason why I started playing the others. I loved every minute of it.

The game itself is already a masterpiece, including the music which is by far the best in the franchise and one of the best in the whole world

Great graphics, characters, music, And in many ways connects to every aspect of the human psyche, enjoying it now in HD with pcsx2.

Best game by far, the remake made it better, challenging puzzles and the Sphere Grid are some of the best parts of this game.

In my opinion the best battle system and also great storyline and the summoning were great too

I played this game few months ago for the first time and when I completed it I was speechless.