Top Ten Final Fantasy Vii Characters That Hates Caillou

The Top Ten

1 Cid

Caillou (throws a tantrum over not going to the circus)
Cid: Sit your @$$ down and drink your GOD DAMN tea!

2 Aeris

She will punish Cailiou for destroying her flowers

3 Red XIII

Nanaki will chase and mauled Caillou kicking him while having a tantrum over not getting things his way.

4 Cait Sith Cait Sith
5 Tifa
6 Cloud Cloud
7 Yuffie

I bet Yuffie is going snatch Caillou's piggy bank for materia

8 Barret

Barret will destroy Caillou's tricycle with hand gun for picking on poor little Marlene.

9 Vincent

Vincent will shape shift into chaos to scare Caillou for breaking Rosie's toys

Vincent will steal Caillou's teddy bear and sleeps with it in his coffin.

Vincent will sleep in Caillou's toy chest

10 Sephiroth Sephiroth

The Contenders

11 Kadaj

He'll possess him - yunafreya648

12 Professor Hojo

Hojo will experiment on Caillou like what he did to Vincent.

13 Marlene

Marlene will trick Caillou by making him drunk while Tifa is out.

14 Dio

Dio will arrest Caillou by sending him to the Correl prison for throwing a major tantrum by destroying the whole entire gold saucer over not getting a Chocobo from the chocobo race because they weren't for sale.

15 Palmer

Palmer will sit on Caillou after eating too much lard

Palmer will make Caillou to eat lard while his perants are out.

16 Turks
17 Yazoo
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