Best Fire Emblem 7 Characters

Fire Emblem 7, better known as Fire Emblem or the Blazing Blade is the first Fire Emblem game to get an english release.

The Top Ten

1 Hector
2 Erk
3 Lyndis (Blazing Sword) Lyndis (Blazing Sword)

She is awesome.

4 Eliwood
5 Nils
6 Ninian
7 Legault
8 Karel (Fire Emblem)

Seriously, he is awesome. Much better than his sister to be honest, plus good character development and has appeared in more than one game. Deserves more credit than he normally gets.

9 Matthew
10 Jaffar

The Contenders

11 Renault
12 Florina - Fire Emblem
13 Guy
14 Raven
15 Harken (Fire Emblem)

Sorry, but I like Karel better.

He sucks.

Why the heck is Harken on this list before Karel? I thought Karel was a much better character (No offense to anyone who thinks otherwise. I respect your opinion) and goes through better character development. Harken on the other hand? He does nothing for the story except give Isadora a happy ending, but even so, that is still optional. People complain on how violent and bloodthirsty Karel is, yet they never bat an eye on the fact that Harken is ruthless and suicidal, therefore, not morally perfect either. I bet that Harken would end up committing suicide if he finds out that his beloved Isadora was dating another guy.

Also, I hate it when some people demonize Karel and portray him as a villain or antagonist when he never had such role and has always been an anti-hero in this game. Plus Karel's haters are such butts who can't respect others' opinions. Because of them, good pictures or whatnot (or anything good of him, whatsoever) of Karel have been pretty rare nowadays.

16 Marcus - Fire Emblem
17 Fiora
18 Farina
19 Dart
20 Nino
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