Best Fire Emblem: Awakening Characters

Fire Emblem: Awakening has a pretty large cast of characters. But which are the best?

This is about personality, not how good the characters are in battle. It might be who you think is funniest, cutest, whatever. This isn't about skills and stats though.

Playable characters and NPCs are fine

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1 Lucina Lucina

Lucina is really the best character, I love her design and personality. Not to mention shes one of the three main characters, and in my playthrough of awakening she was my daughter. Shes great in battle as well. Overall, shes just the best.

Lucina is best girl in Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros.

Made her become my Avatar's wife pretty much instantly.

Simply the best!

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2 Severa

Top ten NOW - LarrytheFairy

3 Owain

Can you control your sword hand long enough to vote for Owain? - PrayForVillains

His Sword Hand twitches!

The Chosen Hero arrives!

um duh

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4 Lon'qu

He's swift as wind; strong as steel; phased by absolutely nothing, well expect women, but overall he's an overpowering character who uses strength and speed to his advantage.

Lon'qu should be number five. He is so darn fast like a cheetah.

Lon'qu's a beast.


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5 Gregor

I love the mighty Gregor's personality! He can be funny but knows how to be serious!

I like love Gregor's quote if the avatar chooses to sacrifice his life, Oy! You no go! Not until Gregory drink you under table!

6 Tharja

I think she is the most interesting, hilarious, attractive character in Fire Emblem Awakening. I don't know why, but in Awakening the dark mages were my jams.

Pretty underrated I think. This is Nintendo's yandere character. - ClicheUsername69

*this entry is currently stacking Mu*

7 Henry

Easily the biggest troll, who is both incredibly broken from a skills standpoint and has the best personality

Henry is really sad but at the same time a great and funny character!

Henry was so funny how is he at number 7!


"Have some death! "
"I'm gonna kill you! "
"Hahaa! "
"Special delivery! "
But most importantly,
"Well, usually I disarm foes by removing their arms. But your way sounds impressive, too! "

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8 Cherche

Love her! I got her married to my unit and it’s so perfect. Favourite female in nintendo

9 Nowi

My god Nowi is so adorable and like able! I married her in my first run through the game

People all complain about how she looks like a kid and stuff. Personally, I think she is very cute! Besides, she has a really cool/cute critical quote:

"GR... RAGE! " - PrayForVillains

Nowi wins! Or is number 2

Shes not a kid stupid elitists shes my adult waifu who is not a kid (not pedofilia)

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10 Cordelia Cordelia

Best Waifu

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11 Robin Robin

Way beter character and personality than robin from teen titans go - epictoonsfan1

Better than Sumia

12 Inigo

A really cute flirt, he tries to make others happy even during a war. He's too pure and must be protected at all costs.

His voice is just so amazing!

Sooo hot, best ever

13 Lissa
14 Sumia

Very useful in battle due to her high speed. She is cute and has a lovable personality. I just wish people stopped talking about the Chrom shipping wars



15 Kellam

Wait, you can... See this entry?! - PrayForVillains

Why is there just a plain number six there? - aarond9010

Where's the number 9 character?

Who? - LarrytheFairy

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16 The Vaike

I love how confident and funny he is

17 Cynthia

Over powered when used right

Cynthia is always a joy to see because of her try-hard attitude and her cluminess on supports and whatnot!

18 Stahl

Why is Stahl #35? He's so adorable and sweet! I love him as a character. I would have married him if I didn't accidentally marry Chrom..

19 Olivia

Top tier waifu here.

20 Flavia

I don't know what it is about her, but I think Flavia's design is super cool. My personal favorite female character in the game. Only reason she was lower than Nowi on the original list is because she can't marry Basilio. - PrayForVillains

21 Chrom Chrom

He's actually an awesome character; too bad all anyone thinks about him these days is how he's not playable in Smash and that dumb trailer announcing who got in instead.

Maybe now that he's actually playable in the newest Smash Bros, he'll finally get more respect.

What's my boy Chrom doing here at #26? He deserve to be numbah one! - OnyxDash

22 Gerome

Cool mask, bro

Best character, he is batman! Or nightwing! So awesome

He has the most sad backstory and relatable personality in the game. Deserves to be number one.

Gerome is all mine <3
I hate marrying him off, because id like to marry him irl.

23 Tiki

Tiki should be number 1. She is literally my most powerful character(rating of 323) and favorite in the game.She doesn't need any skills because first of all, she has good range, and she is also a deadly wyvern killer, extremely high strength, and most of all her defense and resistance are so darn ridiculous that even Grima can hardly damage her and he has worse defense and resistance. Tiki is the Arceus of Fire Emblem Awakening.

24 Ricken

He is so kawaii!

25 Panne

Panne is such a cool character why is she only 22nd

She is just cool!

The character my male avatar married on my second playthrough - RaineSage

26 Donnel

Donnelly is weak at first but then become the best in the game and could sweep enemies with a bronze sword he is well worth it to train!


No other reason than the fact is is really likable. Almost all his supports are a joy to read. Also this:

"What in tarnation? I ain't seen nothing' like back on the farm! "

>>obtained tree branch - PrayForVillains

27 Anna

A saucy, carefree redhead with a lot of personality - ShuhBanggg

28 Gaius

Gaius should be much higher. He is funny, cute, and a good character overall! He makes a really good assassin if you have a master seal and his lock picking ability is very useful. He is much better then Gregor, In my opinion. Yes, Gaius can be a little greedy, but he has a good heart. Just look at his support with Maribelle for proof. Gregor is much greedier, rather stupid, and the less said on the battle field the better. This is only my silly personal opinion though! So it's okay if you don't agree my only point is that I love Gaius!

Who wouldn't love this candy loving theif?

29 Yarne

I really like him, I don't see why nearly everybody hates him...

30 Cervantes

His mustache makes him invisible. Enough said. - PrayForVillains

"Vote for Cervantes! Said the spider to the... other... spiders."

How is he not number one you people are crazy

I called him "The Mustache of Power" - aarond9010

31 Priam

I wish Priam was number two. GREAT AETHER!

32 Morgan (F)

My daughter. Enough said

33 Frederick
34 Aversa

Her ridiculously suggestive quotes always make me laugh. - PrayForVillains

35 Ike Ike Ike is the main character in the video game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the Nintendo GameCube and one of the main characters of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii.

He's technically not in Awakening, but he's my idol, and I think he's the best.

Always fight for your friends.

He isn't in awakening - IHateOnions

36 Maribelle
37 Gangrel Gangrel David William Heath is an American professional wrestler. He is best known for his appearances in the World Wrestling Federation from 1998 to 2001 and intermittently throughout the mid-2000s under the ring name Gangrel.
38 Sully
39 Noire
40 Libra
41 Say'ri
42 Avatar

Robin is a really good character and actually has some depth to him/her and not some static character like many expected. Usually, I hate self-insert characters, but Robin is quite the exception. He/she has their own personality and isn't as much of a GaryStu/MarySue as some might say. Robin's affinity within the Shephards is actually well-deserved and is actually met back by him/her. Robin is the team's Jack Of All Trades and Master At None character, which keeps him useful within the group and talented without being "The Perfect One", that is Cordelia's role.

Still, looking at this list, Robin is quite underrated. Even though the Smash Bros. Fiasco back when Sm4sh was still new when virtually no one knew how to play Robin, and first impressions are often the most important, his/her reputation sort of fell a little because of the odd play style, but Robin has long since redeemed him/herself since those days and has been a fan favorite for both Smash Bros. And strongly ...more

Best damn thing this game did different that had to do with the interaction of player to characters. Brilliant needs more Robin

Seriously Robin needs more recognition. He is a great character, and maybe the game's developers shouldn't have made him customizable because that just makes the player think he is shallow and a pointless self insert when he isn't... - RaineSage

Robin is a really good character, as unlike many games he/she has a nice personality, flaws and an interesting background overall. Much better then Gregor, in my opinion.

43 Basilio

Don't try this at home!

44 Nah
45 Miriel
46 Morgan (M)
47 Walhart
48 Laurent
49 Yen'fay

I am yen’fay, yet not the yen’fay kin to you... say’ri can only pray that her brother is watching.

50 Brady
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