Best Fire Emblem: Awakening Characters

Fire Emblem: Awakening has a pretty large cast of characters. But which are the best?

This is about personality, not how good the characters are in battle. It might be who you think is funniest, cutest, whatever. This isn't about skills and stats though.

Playable characters and NPCs are fine

The Top Ten

1 Lucina Lucina

Lucina is really the best character, I love her design and personality. Not to mention shes one of the three main characters, and in my playthrough of awakening she was my daughter. Shes great in battle as well. Overall, shes just the best.

Lucina is best girl in Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros.

Lucina I my personal favorite.

I thinks she's the cutest character in the game. She also reminds me of Blake from RWBY :3 - thunderfox8

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2 Owain

Can you control your sword hand long enough to vote for Owain? - PrayForVillains

His Sword Hand twitches!

I love his personality - thunderfox8


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3 Severa

Get her into the top ten immediately - LarrytheFairy

Number 4, approaching first quickly - LarrytheFairy

Currently third yay - LarrytheFairy

Top ten NOW - LarrytheFairy

4 Gregor

I love the mighty Gregor's personality! He can be funny but knows how to be serious!

I like love Gregor's quote if the avatar chooses to sacrifice his life, Oy! You no go! Not until Gregory drink you under table!

5 Tharja

I think she is the most interesting, hilarious, attractive character in Fire Emblem Awakening. I don't know why, but in Awakening the dark mages were my jams.

Pretty underrated I think. This is Nintendo's yandere character. - ClicheUsername69

*this entry is currently stacking Mu*

6 Henry

Easily the biggest troll, who is both incredibly broken from a skills standpoint and has the best personality

Henry is really sad but at the same time a great and funny character!

Yeah! Blood! - Henry - aarond9010

Yay! Blood! - LarrytheFairy

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7 Cordelia Cordelia

Best Waifu

8 Lon'qu

He's swift as wind; strong as steel; phased by absolutely nothing, well expect women, but overall he's an overpowering character who uses strength and speed to his advantage.

Lon'qu should be number five. He is so darn fast like a cheetah.

Lon'qu's a beast.

Paired him up with Tharja, made me laugh... A lot...

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9 Cherche
10 Nowi

My god Nowi is so adorable and like able! I married her in my first run through the game

People all complain about how she looks like a kid and stuff. Personally, I think she is very cute! Besides, she has a really cool/cute critical quote:

"GR... RAGE! " - PrayForVillains

Nowi wins! Or is number 2

My favorite + my waifu

The Contenders

11 The Vaike

I love how confident and funny he is

12 Lissa
13 Robin

Way beter character and personality than robin from teen titans go - epictoonsfan1

14 Cynthia

Cynthia is always a joy to see because of her try-hard attitude and her cluminess on supports and whatnot!

Over powered when used right

15 Flavia

I don't know what it is about her, but I think Flavia's design is super cool. My personal favorite female character in the game. Only reason she was lower than Nowi on the original list is because she can't marry Basilio. - PrayForVillains

16 Kellam

Wait, you can... See this entry?! - PrayForVillains

Why is there just a plain number six there? - aarond9010

Where's the number 9 character?

Who? - LarrytheFairy

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17 Chrom

He's actually an awesome character; too bad all anyone thinks about him these days is how he's not playable in Smash and that dumb trailer announcing who got in instead.

18 Donnel

Donnelly is weak at first but then become the best in the game and could sweep enemies with a bronze sword he is well worth it to train!

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19 Inigo

A really cute flirt, he tries to make others happy even during a war. He's too pure and must be protected at all costs.

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20 Anna

A saucy, carefree redhead with a lot of personality - ShuhBanggg

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