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21 Panne

Panne is such a cool character why is she only 22nd

The character my male avatar married on my second playthrough - RaineSage

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22 Tiki

Tiki should be number 1. She is literally my most powerful character(rating of 323) and favorite in the game.She doesn't need any skills because first of all, she has good range, and she is also a deadly wyvern killer, extremely high strength, and most of all her defense and resistance are so darn ridiculous that even Grima can hardly damage her and he has worse defense and resistance. Tiki is the Arceus of Fire Emblem Awakening.

23 Donnel

Donnelly is weak at first but then become the best in the game and could sweep enemies with a bronze sword he is well worth it to train!


No other reason than the fact is is really likable. Almost all his supports are a joy to read. Also this:

"What in tarnation? I ain't seen nothing' like back on the farm! "

>>obtained tree branch - PrayForVillains

24 Yarne

I really like him, I don't see why nearly everybody hates him...

25 Anna

A saucy, carefree redhead with a lot of personality - ShuhBanggg

26 Cervantes

His mustache makes him invisible. Enough said. - PrayForVillains

"Vote for Cervantes! Said the spider to the... other... spiders."

How is he not number one you people are crazy

I called him "The Mustache of Power" - aarond9010

27 Sumia

Very useful in battle due to her high speed. She is cute and has a lovable personality. I just wish people stopped talking about the Chrom shipping wars

28 Frederick
29 Priam

I wish Priam was number two. GREAT AETHER!

30 Olivia
31 Aversa

Her ridiculously suggestive quotes always make me laugh. - PrayForVillains

32 Stahl

Why is Stahl #35? He's so adorable and sweet! I love him as a character. I would have married him if I didn't accidentally marry Chrom..

33 Morgan (F)

My daughter. Enough said

34 Ricken
35 Ike Ike

He's technically not in Awakening, but he's my idol, and I think he's the best.

Always fight for your friends.

He isn't in awakening - IHateOnions

36 Sully
37 Libra
38 Maribelle
39 Basilio V 1 Comment
40 Nah
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